Tesla Model 3 Tire Replacement Cost (Solved & Answered)

How much does it cost to change tesla model 3 tires

Tesla is a well-known car manufacturer. It has many fans across the world that respect its models. Especially, Tesla Model 3 is the most selling model of Tesla this year.

Many people are looking for how much does it cost to replace tesla model 3 tires. Therefore, I am writing this article and giving you the most useful details about tire replacement costs for Tesla’s Model 3.

In short, the Tire replacement cost on a Tesla Model 3 is $285 per tire, plus the cost of installation, which is about $50 per tire. So the total cost is about $1288 for tires and installation, plus tax.

How much does it cost to replace a tire on a Tesla?

The price to replace a tire on Tesla is $285 per tire plus labor cost and tax. For all four tires, the overall cost is $1,288. This can be more than double the price of some other luxury vehicles that have run-flat tires.

As with many Tesla components, the company uses its own proprietary wheel sizes, which means having tires replaced by a local mechanic could prove difficult. Although there are a variety of tire shops equipped to handle Tesla models, it’s still important to take note of model and wheel size before heading out for service.

Now, depending on where you live, labor and installation costs may vary, in some Areas can be cheaper while others are much more expensive than the average price.

How Often Should You Change Tesla Tires?

Tesla owners should get their tires rotated every 6,000 miles and realigned every 10,000 miles.

Tesla recommends replacing tires after three years, regardless of how many miles you put on them.

The reason for this is that the rubber hardens with age, which reduces traction in both dry and wet conditions. As soon as the tread starts to show some serious wear its best to have the tires replaced

Most tire manufacturers recommend that they be replaced after six years. With Tesla electric vehicles changing your tires every 3 years is best practice.

I have to mention that also that depends on how often you drive your Tesla and what kind of surface/roads is driven on.

What Tires Does Tesla Model 3 Use?

The Tesla Model 3 is equipped with four Michelin Primacy MXM4 all-season tires. These high-performance all-season tires are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as enhanced handling and traction in various weather conditions, including light snow.

The Model 3 has 235/35R18 tires in the front and in the rear. These tires are mounted on 20″ wheels that come standard with the Tesla Model 3.

According to Michelin, the Primacy MXM4 is designed for premium sedans and SUVs. The tire’s tread design features an asymmetric pattern that provides continuous ribbing for added lateral stability, along with zigzag grooves at the center of the tread for enhanced wet traction and improved road contact.

The Primacy MXM4 also comes equipped with Michelin Comfort Control Technology, which helps reduce noise levels inside the vehicle.

Are Tesla Model 3 Tires Run Flat?

In short, the Tesla model 3 don’t come with Run-flat tires, it is an aftermarket upgrade you can go for if you are interested in those.

18” Aero Wheels with Michelin Primacy MXM4 215/55R17 96H All Season tires (standard)

18” Aero Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/45R18 95Y Summer Performance tires (Sport Upgrade Package)

19” Sport Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/40R19 93Y Summer Performance tires (Performance Upgrade Package)

These are all conventional tires, meaning that if you get a flat, you will have to change them out for a spare. The Model 3 Performance does come with a spare tire in its trunk.

However, the other two standard configurations do not. If you’re driving one of these models and get a flat tire, your only option is to call for roadside assistance or have the car towed to a service center.

What happens if you get a flat on a Tesla Model 3?

When a tire is punctured, the air gradually leaks out. The fact that this happens slowly is what gives you time to get to a gas station or pull over to the side of the road. In the Tesla Model 3, however, something surprising happens.

The Model 3’s tires are equipped with a pressure monitoring system, which sounds an alarm when one of the tires loses pressure. This is useful because it alerts you to a problem that could be dangerous if ignored — especially if you’re driving at high speed on the highway.

Unfortunately, Tesla doesn’t come with a spare tire so it is crucial that you get one as a backup, or alternatively, you can replace the normal tires with run-flats.

Can you put any tires on a Tesla?

This is a great question and the answer is yes, you can put any brand of tires in a Tesla Model 3 given they will fit inside of the wheel wells, but there are some things you should know before you go running off to your local tire shop.

First and foremost, yes it is true that Tesla recommends Michelin tires. It is also true that many Model 3 owners who bought their car new will find that their cars came with a set of Michelin tires, but there is no requirement that you use Michelin tires on your Model 3. In fact, many people have used other brands of tires and have had no problems whatsoever.

That said, I would recommend you take a close look at the Tesla recommended tire sizes for your particular model, as this will be very important in determining what size/brand/style of tire will work best for your car.


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