Do Catalytic Converters Reduce Noise? [What to Know]

will removing the catalytic converter make exhaust louder

A catalytic converter is a device that converts the chemical energy in poisonous emissions from combustion processes into less polluting and lower temperature exhaust gases.

The cat converters’ purpose is to reduce pollution by converting hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxides into smaller molecules that do not cause as many problems with smog. Do catalytic converters reduce noise? This article will answer exactly that, read on.

Do Catalytic Converters Reduce Noise?

In short, No. Catalytic converters are designed to reduce the level of pollutants in a vehicle’s exhaust whereas mufflers (silencers) are designed to reduce noise. The muffler is placed before the converters and usually has an outlet pipe that connects to the catalytic converter.

Although the muffler and catalytic converter both play a role in reducing a vehicle’s exhaust, they are designed to do their jobs differently. The catalytic converter reduces pollutants, while the muffler reduces noise.

Will removing the catalytic converter make the exhaust louder?

In most cases removing a catalytic converter on your vehicle will change the sound coming out of your exhaust, although mufflers and resonators are created to muffle the sound from the engine, catalytic converters do muffle some of the sounds, and removing can alter the exhaust sounds and make it sound louder than it normally is. Although the difference in sound won’t be much in some cars it is noticeable.

Do catalytic converters make your car quieter?

The main purpose of a catalytic converter is not to make a car quieter, but to reduce the harmful emissions a car produces into the environment. Catalytic converters do not lower the volume of noise a car produces, even though it is an added function of all catalytic converters. The converter, however, does lower air pollution by reducing harmful emissions in your exhaust.

What does a car sound like with no catalytic converter?

If there catalytic is removed and not done correctly, the exhaust will be louder you will hear a rumbling or roaring noise when you start the vehicle This is due to the fact that there may be gaps/small holes left in the exhaust system that allows sounds to free flow through to the exhaust.

What happens if a catalytic converter is removed?

If you remove the catalytic converter, your engine will no longer be able to run clean. The converter is essential to allow the engine to run efficiently without polluting the environment. Without a converter, your car will produce many harmful emissions into the air.

Fortunately, removing a catalytic converter won’t harm your car and it will just fine, other things that may happen are, you may hear a rumbling sound through the exhaust, your mileage will most likely increase, and you may start to get many more harmful emissions into the air.

The performance of your vehicle won’t get affected much in most cases removing the catalytic converter helps a vehicle perform better since it creates a “free flow” from the engine to the exhaust.

How do I quiet my car without a catalytic converter?

1. Get Quality Mufflers:

Firstly, you need to get good-quality mufflers. It is important to note that not all mufflers are created equal. Some mufflers are of better quality than others as well as being more expensive.

You will want a higher-quality muffler that does not break easily, and if it does break, a good muffler will help dampen sounds from the engine to the exhaust. Get mufflers with high flow rates, if you have dual exhausts make sure to get double-walled mufflers.

2. Try soundproof floor mats and Headliner:

Next, you will want to get floor liners and/or soundproofing for the inside of your car. Soundproofing helps reduce noise from the road. The best way to help quiet your car is to put something between the road noise and the interior of your vehicle. You can also put a soundproof headliner on inside your car.

3. Get replacement cats:

Lastly, you can check online to see if there are any aftermarket catalytic converters that you can buy. Although they may be expensive, they will reduce your engine noise and help lower the sound of your car. It is also better to try to replace the catalytic converter even with aftermarket ones.


In conclusion, no. Catalytic converters are not designed to quiet the sound of your car. They are designed to reduce emissions and help your vehicle run more efficiently by reducing harmful emissions. While it may seem like removing a catalytic converter will make your vehicle quieter, it will actually give you a louder sound from the engine to the exhaust thanks to the free flow of air through the exhaust systemD


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