Do Teslas Have Spare Tires? (Solved & Answered)

tesla spare tire

Do Teslas have spare tires? This is a question that is often asked and in this post, we are going to do our best to answer it. It has to be said that as far as innovation and breaking the mold are concerned, Elon Musk and Tesla are at the head of the pack.

The company continues to make decisions that seem controversial at first then igneous when looked at in retrospect. One of these decisions is regarding the spare tire.

Do Teslas have spare tires?

In short, Teslas electric vehicles do not come with spare tires. They have an option for it when you order your Tesla but they are very expensive. They also have a portable repair kit that’s barely 6 inches in size. It allows you the option to repair your tire in the case of an emergency.

The spare tire has been an integral part of vehicles for decades. All cars come with spare tires and it’s difficult to imagine one without them. What if something happens and you need one but don’t have it? Well, it would seem that Tesla decided to break that mold as well.

They have several valid reasons for doing so. Firstly, a spare tire adds extra weight and takes up space in the vehicle. This is key when it comes to Tesla vehicles. The battery pack on Teslas is pretty heavy and will affect the overall efficiency that you get.

Unfortunately, it’s an integral part of the car and cannot be done away with. To get the best results, Tesla engineers have to look at ways to give their vehicles that slight edge. Removing the spare tire altogether was one of these decisions.

It wasn’t made in isolation though. Perhaps the tipping factor was this particular stat. It turns out that 85% percent of vehicles go through their lifespan without needing to use their tools or spare tires. Simply put, 85% of vehicles ever made have never needed a spare tire, ever.

This is an interesting stat and Tesla didn’t see any wisdom in catering to only a 15% eventuality. Linked to this point is the fact that there is a considerable amount of cost involved with including a spare tire. This cost is considerable considering that 85% of them will actually end up never being used.

What Happens if you Get a Flat Tire in a Tesla?

Tesla Ev tires are not indestructible though and will get damaged from time to time. So what happens when you do get a flat tire Well, Tesla was not going to leave you high and dry. They offer services where you can get the necessary assistance when the need arises.

If your tire gets damaged and you can’t drive it, Tesla offers roadside assistance. You can easily access this from your mobile app.

Tesla roadside assistance providers will come to help you out of the situation and get you off in no time. In fact, this service has received several rave reviews from Tesla drivers stating how quick and efficient the service is and how professional the assisters are.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tesla Tire?

The average replacement cost of a Tesla tire is about $230. You may get a slight discount when you buy all 4 at once and get them for $200 each. The lifespan of Tesla tires is around 40,000 miles. There are at least 24 different tire models available on the market today that are compatible with Tesla. You may opt to buy these which may mean you get them cheaper. This will, however, impact the overall lifespan based on their quality.

Does AAA Fix Tesla Flat Tire?

Can AAA fix a Tesla flat tire? The answer to that is yes. The Tesla roadside assistance only lasts 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. At that point, Tesla owners often switch to AAA.

Though they can assist, in principle, it takes them a lot longer and they repair and don’t replace a Tesla tire. That’s one of the key differences between Tesla assistance and AAA. Tesla assistance will provide a spare tire to active members whereas AAA does not.

Conclusion on Do Teslas Come with a Spare Tire?

So, there you have it. Tesla electric vehicles do not come with spare tires. The main reason is that 85% of the time, it is never needed. They, instead, offer roadside assistance where you get your tire fixed or can lend a tire from them until you get yours fixed.


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