Tesla Aero Wheels vs Sport Wheels

tesla wheels compared aero and sport

There are two different wheel options for the Tesla Model 3 and I am going to take a quick look at the differences between Tesla Aero vs Sport wheels and help you to decide which is better.

The Tesla Aero wheels actually come as standard. The Sport wheels are an option on the Model 3 so what exactly are the differences between these wheels and which one will suit your needs?

Tesla Aero Wheels vs Sport

Wheel Size

The Tesla Aero wheels are 18″ while the Tesla Sport wheels are 19″. The difference in wheel sizes can be confusing when you’re shopping. The most obvious difference is that one option is two inches larger in diameter.

Which option should you choose? The difference might sound small but it is actually significant when it comes to the impact it has on Appearance, Efficiency, Ride Quality, and more. In general the bigger the Rim size the less tire it gets.


If it is Appearance and Aesthetics you are after, then you are going to love the 19′ Sport wheels. The Tesla 19′ sport wheels look more aggressive and sporty than the 18′ aero wheels. They also give the car lower to the ground.

The sport wheels give your car a lower, sportier look. They look amazing both on the Model 3 and Model X. The 19′ sport wheels are available for purchase in the Tesla online store.

However, You can improve the look of the Aero wheels by taking the caps off.

Ride Quality

The Tesla Aero wheels are quieter and more comfortable than the Tesla Sport wheels.

I’ve had both the 19” sport wheels on my Model 3 and recently switched to the 18” aero wheels. I can definitely notice a difference in ride quality as the sports wheels are less comfortable and you can feel bumps on the road more. The aero wheels have been much quieter and smoother.

With 19′ Wheels the ride comfort will be compromised and you feel more bumps when driving especially on bad road surfaces and bumpy roads, this is due to the fact that the 19′ wheels have more Rim than Tire.


If your plan is to travel a lot and use the tesla as a Daily driver then going for the Aero wheels is a good option. After testing both Sport and Aero wheels, there is a substantial difference in how efficient Tesla is with Aero wheels.  With Aero wheels, you get more range when compared to when you have the sport wheels saving you a few minutes of extra charging.


The Tesla Aero wheels come as standard on all the Tesla Model 3 cars. These are the least expensive option. They are a standard 18-inch wheel. The Tesla Sport wheels are an optional upgrade that costs $1500. These are 19-inch wheels but they have a slightly different style than the Aero wheels and give the car a sportier look.

When purchasing a Tesla Model 3, you can choose to replace the standard Aero wheels with the optional Sport wheels. The standard Aero wheels are a bit more efficient than the Sport wheels, but some buyers prefer the look of the Sport wheels.

Do Tesla Aero Wheels make a Difference?

Aero wheels are a little bit lighter. They provide a minor drag reduction. This isn’t going to totally change the game in terms of efficiency, but it’s just going to give us that extra range that we need to get the most out of our vehicles.

The wheels are expected to show a 3.5 percent improvement in range and reduce drag by 6 percent with the covers which might not sound significant but when you look at it in the long term it makes a lot of difference

Aero Wheels Advantages & Disadvantages


  • More Efficient
  • Less wear
  • Can take a Huge Load
  • Lighter weight


  • Not the best looking
  • More prone to scratches and Curbs

Tesla Sport Wheels Advantages and Disadvantages


  • More Aggressive and Sporty Look
  • Bigger and more road presence
  • Improved Braking and Grip


  • Noisier
  • Compromised ride quality
  • Extra Cost
  • Faster Wear and Tear


Jimmy Mitchell is an electric vehicle aficionado who has been following the space since Tesla first hit the scene. A longtime proponent of sustainable transportation, Jimmy was one of the first to buy a Tesla 3 as soon as it came out. He loves nothing more than helping others learn about and enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles. When he's not evangelizing about EVs, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his family and travelling throughout south east asia

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