Do Catalytic Converters Reduce Noise? [What to Know]

will removing the catalytic converter make exhaust louder

A catalytic converter is a device that converts the chemical energy in poisonous emissions from combustion processes into less polluting and lower temperature exhaust gases. The cat converters’ purpose is to reduce pollution by converting hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxides into smaller molecules that do not cause as many problems with smog. … Read more

Do Electric Cars Have Exhaust? [Explained!]

electric car exhaust

As you know, electric cars work differently. This is because the mechanism with which they have been built underscores the background idea of more fuel-efficient, lower-emissions vehicles. Instead of the internal combustion engine in in other traditional cars, all-electric vehicles (E.V.s) have an electric motor . Nevertheless, the systematic function of E.V.s engine composition still … Read more

Electric Car Plug Types – Electric Car Plugs

Electric Vehicle Plug TypesElectric Car Plug Types and Connectors Below are the different types of electric car plug types and connectors that are currently available or being produced. There is also a description of three of the most common receptacles used to charge electric vehicles in residential buildings. Electric Car Plug Types Tesla – The … Read more

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Hang Tags

Electric Vehicle Charging Hang TagsThe first-ever Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Hang Tags (U.S. Patent Pending – Take Charge And Go) Great for busy charging locations. Reusable. Clear coating allows for multiple uses with dry erase marker. Made with recycled thick stock paper. Two Sides: DO NOT UNPLUG I AM NECESSITY CHARGING AND NEED THIS CHARGE … Read more