Do Teslas have Catalytic Converters? (Answered!)

do teslas need catalytic converter

Teslas is one of the most revolutionary vehicles on the road. It’s more than just a car, it’s a brand that has become ubiquitous with “green” cars. Tesla EVs have taken the US market by storm, and now the company has its sights set on international markets. In this article, I will be answering whether … Read more

Do Catalytic Converters Reduce Noise? [What to Know]

will removing the catalytic converter make exhaust louder

A catalytic converter is a device that converts the chemical energy in poisonous emissions from combustion processes into less polluting and lower temperature exhaust gases. The cat converters’ purpose is to reduce pollution by converting hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxides into smaller molecules that do not cause as many problems with smog. … Read more