Can You Charge a Tesla in the Rain?

can i charge my tesla in the rain

Can you charge a Tesla in the rain? This is the question we will be addressing in this post so if it’s something you were wondering about, then this is the post for you. Teslas in particular and EVs, in general, are a relatively new phenomenon and there is still a lot that we are learning about the more we spend time with them.

There are still a lot of questions regarding them and some skepticism as well from those among us who are accustomed to gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

As we all know, rain and electricity should not mix. There are several ways through which you can put yourself in danger when you combine the two. So naturally, people would have several questions regarding this particular question.

Can You Charge a Tesla in the Rain?

In short, It is safe to charge a Tesla in the rain over a mobile charger at home or on one of their superchargers. The chargers are both insulated and smart. They will cut off current as soon as the charger and port are disconnected.

Is it OK to Charge Your Tesla in the Rain?

Charging a Tesla in the rain is very safe as Tesla engineers went to great lengths to make sure that charging them is as safe as possible in any weather condition. The cables are smart cables meaning that current will not travel through them while they are disconnected from the charging port.

You can essentially put your finger down the charging nozzle without any risk of electrocution. Do not try this though. Added to that, the connection between the car charging port and mobile or supercharger sits flush and is insulated.

This means that there is no current leakage even in wet weather. If water happens to get into the charger, all you need to do is shake it out and it will be safe to plug in. A good practice is to make sure that the charger is kept face down so that no water collects in them.

Is the Tesla Charging Port Waterproof?

I’ve touched a little on this already. The charging port on the car is pretty much waterproof and is protected by the port charger. The charging unit itself is also waterproof and was built to work outdoors in any weather condition which is a good thing for Tesla owners without a garage.

When having it installed though, you need to get a Tesla technician or qualified electrician to make the installation in the safest place possible and to make sure that the installation is done properly.

Is it Safe to Charge Tesla Outside?

It is perfectly safe to charge a Tesla outside. They are designed to be safe in any weather condition. The only situation that will provide somewhat of a problem is freezing rain. It can potentially cause the port to get stuck. An easy fix for this is to cover it up with a trash bag so it doesn’t get frozen.

If you do find yourself in a situation where it’s frozen, you need to run your car’s HVAC on high for around 45 minutes to an hour. This should thaw the ice.

The onboard computer in a Tesla vehicle will communicate with the charging port to ensure that there is a secure connection before allowing the current to pass through. It will also determine just how much is needed before the car is fully charged.

Can You Charge a Tesla in the Snow?

Charging a Tesla in the snow should not be a problem at all. Considering that snow is less conductive than rain, there should be no issue whatsoever with charging a Tesla in the snow. What you will notice though is that performance will be affected in cold weather. This is one area where Teslas still suffer the same issues as gasoline vehicles. You will notice a drop in the range when driving in extremely cold weather.

Conclusion on charging tesla in rain

To wrap this post up, it is definitely safe to charge your Tesla vehicle in rainy conditions. The engineers at Tesla have gone to great lengths to ensure that Teslas can be charged indoors and outdoors without any safety concerns. You can use a home connection or supercharger station without any fear regardless of the weather. A closing note is that a greater danger is posed by you being outside your vehicle in a thunderstorm than charging a Tesla during one.



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