How Many Batteries Does A Tesla Have? (Solved & Answered)

how many batteries found in a tesla

There are over 10 million electric cars on our roads today- more than 50% of these are battery-powered electric cars. There are plans to partially eliminate combustion engines from our roads- it’s something about efficiency and environmental conservation. Tesla has been at the forefront of this transition from diesel and petrol to electric energy. The … Read more

Are Teslas AWD? (Solved & Answered)

Tesla all wheel drive

Tesla’s cars are known for their sleek and futuristic styling, but they’re also known for all-wheel drive. But what exactly does this mean? How widespread is it? And should you consider it when you’re looking to buy a Tesla? In this article, I’ll be talking about AWD in Tesla vehicles so read on and enjoy. … Read more

Are all Tesla Cars Electric? (Solved & Answered!)

are all tesla cars electric

Think electric cars are boring? Think again! When Elon Musk initially announced the Tesla vehicle, he caused a stir of excitement in the worlds of technology and innovation. This was amplified further when he stated that Tesla would not use any gasoline motors in their next car. Tesla Motors has expanded far beyond its origins … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure (Solved & Answered)

model 3 tire pressure

Do you have a Tesla Model 3 but still don’t know what to set your tire pressure to? I’ve been there- it’s a bit of a conundrum because the manual for the Model 3 is silent on this important topic. No worries, I’m going to explain everything here- and tell you exactly how to set … Read more

Why are Teslas so Expensive? (Solved & Answered)

Why are teslas so expensive

Tesla is one of the most innovative and cutting-edge car companies in the world. In fact, that’s why their cars are so expensive. Tesla first started production as a small startup which led them to create complex and revolutionary technology. The company decided to focus on becoming an electric car manufacturer and after several years … Read more

Tesla Aero Wheels vs Sport Wheels

tesla wheels compared aero and sport

There are two different wheel options for the Tesla Model 3 and I am going to take a quick look at the differences between Tesla Aero vs Sport wheels and help you to decide which is better. The Tesla Aero wheels actually come as standard. The Sport wheels are an option on the Model 3 … Read more