Does Mileage Matter on a Tesla? (Solved & Answered)

Does Mileage Matter on a Tesla?

One of the crucial things to check when purchasing a car is the mileage. It also applies when getting a Tesla. Mileage will give you a bit of the car’s history and how usable it will be.

Electric cars such as Tesla are big purchases. So yes, it matters what mileage a Tesla has accumulated. It determines the decision you’re going to make on buying or not. Here is why mileage on a Tesla matters:

Effects of Mileage On A Tesla

Wear and Tear

A used car, whichever type it is, will need repairs. You can’t know all the previous owner’s experiences with the vehicle. Some issues pop up after a while without your knowledge.

You can take the car to a garage or call an expert to check the vehicle maintenance. Some owners ignore problems. Because, at the time, they did not affect him or the car, not knowing the issue is becoming prominent.

A Tesla with a mileage of 100,000 miles needs the replacement of some parts. Like the motor and the battery pack. The battery pack needs replacement.

To ensure the charge of the car does not run out fast—a battery pack costs around $5500, lasting eight to ten years. You should also know the leaking fluid from the screen in used Teslas. Repairs of a Tesla are expensive, and its maintenance is at least $800.


It matters as it shows you its condition. A Tesla with a mileage of 200,000 miles is a good car, though it’s rare to find someone selling their car. A car that goes for short distances is easy to maintain.

Since you don’t exhaust the vehicle as the one traveling for long distances, it will also give you an idea of the type of work the car used to do.

There’s a limit to what mileage the car has. It is a significant factor to consider when buying a used Tesla. The most you should go for is 200,000 miles.

Purchasing Cost

Not only does the mileage matter, but also the model and year of the Tesla. For some Models, their owners are not willing to sell their cars unless they want an upgrade.

A used Tesla goes for $30,000-$120,000. You have to be cautious about such deals. Some people may exploit you and sell the car at an unreasonable price.

You can always bargain yourself out of the deal and get the car at a reasonable price. When purchasing a used Tesla, its mileage is critical to inspect.

You should still consider if you will ever sell it or if you’ll use it forever. If you consider reselling the car, you must examine the vehicle more seriously since it’s next to impossible when you want to sell your vehicle if the vehicle gets to a million mileage.

Unless you sell it at a throwaway price according to how much you bought it.

Maintenance cost

A Tesla is simple and has fewer moving parts. The maintenance cost of an electric car is cheaper than a regular vehicle. A car that has passed 55,000 miles has an expired warranty, so you will have to cater for the repairs

A USA motorist drives an average of 13,500 miles per year. After five years, it becomes expensive to maintain, like replacing the tires and suspension parts. Tires wear out fast because of the car’s weight. To replace all tires will cost you $700.

The tesla cooling system does not break down, and replacement is rare. There’s no risk of pollution from combustion by-products and oil. Also, the brake pads don’t need replacement since they have regenerative braking systems. They use resistance from electric motors.


You can’t ignore the mileage of any car. It will help you know much and prepare yourself for any challenge that comes with it. Also, as the owner, the mileage is very delicate for the car’s maintenance if you want it to last over ten years. Suppose you find a well-maintained Tesla, even with the mileage having passed the limit for the warranty. It won’t cost you much to have the car advanced.


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