Tesla Tow Mode: What it Does?(Solved & Answered)

Tesla Tow Mode

Tesla cars are some of the most advanced in the world as they’re loaded with features to help you in common tasks. One of these is when you’re getting towed. Yes, there’s a special Tesla towing mode available, aka the Transport Mode.

Well, it exists because the company expects you to tow the vehicle in a certain manner to prevent you from damaging it. Well, it exists because the company expects you to tow the vehicle in a certain manner to prevent you from damaging it.

What is Tesla’s tow mode?

In short, The Tesla tow mode makes your Tesla ready to be hauled. It is for when you break down, run out of battery, get a flat tire, or your Tesla has just been disabled for some reason. The tow mode helps you by putting your Tesla out of the parking brake. This allows you to pull it or even push it to where you need to take it in a manual manner.

What does tow mode do on Tesla?

We all know how difficult it is to tow a car if you haven’t had the experience before. The tow mode Tesla is a feature that sets up your car for a towing or pushing procedure.

While Tesla and other electric vehicles don’t come with a flat towing mode, this one does help. As soon as you engage this Tesla tow mode, the systems in your Tesla automatically disengage the parking brake.

This allows you to push or pull the car. It is useful if your Tesla has broken down on the road and you need a hand.

It is also good for pushing your Tesla into your garage from your driveway. But this is still a system that needs advancements.

This is because you are recommended to use a flatbed towing truck for the towing process. It is due to the fact that your Tesla generates energy when its wheels roll on the road.

This energy can damage its components in the long term. So, what do you do to prevent this?

You can either use a flatbed towing truck-like mentioned above. Or, you can also use a towing truck that lifts the front wheels and dolleys the rear ones. This way all of the four wheels will be off the ground, saving your Tesla from damage.

How do I put my tow mode in Model 3, or any other Tesla?

Whether it’s the Tesla Model 3 tow mode, the Model Y tow mode, or any other tow mode, it’s simple to engage it. All you have to do is stop the wheels from rolling.

You can do this with a set of bricks for each of the tires. Then, let’s say you want to engage the Tesla Model X tow mode. You can watch this video, or follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Main Menu
  2. Click on Service
  3. Select the Towing option
  4. Press the brake
  5. Click on Transport Mode

Now your parking brake will disengage as soon as you follow step 5. If you remove the bricks blocking the wheels, the car will be free to roll – be careful if there’s an inclination.

You are now free to move the car by pushing or pulling it. The Tesla Model S tow mode is a bit different though. For this, you’ll need to press the brake and then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Controls
  2. Select E-Brake & Power Off
  3. Select Tow Mode So, what if you need to cancel the tow mode? You can simply shift to the parking gear to disengage it.

Tesla Trailer Mode vs Tow Mode

Even if you don’t have the towing package, you’ve probably heard drivers mention the Tesla Model 3 trailer mode or the Tesla Model Y trailer mode. The tow mode and trailer modes work differently.

The former is for when you want to haul a trailer with your Tesla. It is part of Tesla’s Towing Package and it readies your Tesla for towing a trailer.

The tow mode on the other hand is when your Tesla is to be towed or transported. It readies your Tesla whenever it breaks down or it’s disabled for any reason.

Do all Teslas have Tow Mode?

Yes, Tesla cars come with a purpose-built tow mode for when the going gets tough. This tow mode essentially disengages the parking brake when you want to manually push or haul your Tesla. Doing this allows the car to roll freely.

How do you keep a Tesla in neutral when towing?

You can simply engage tow mode which can be done by going to Main Menu > Service > Towing (hit the brakes also) > Transport Mode. You can put the car out of neutral once you hit Park.

you can push or pull your Tesla when it has been put into tow mode. The reason is that the parking brake is no longer engaged. So, your Tesla car should be free to roll; just make sure that there’s no inclination when you put the towing mode on.



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