Can You Negotiate a Tesla Price? (Solved & Answered)

Can You Negotiate a Tesla Price

Working out the price is not an easy deal as the Tesla company doesn’t have a negotiable price. You have to buy a new one at the market price.

Also, finding people who are selling their Tesla is not easy. It’s a reliable car because of its unique features, such as the autopilot, and most people wouldn’t want to let theirs go.

It would help if you did not rush to seal the deal since there are many things you need to be on the lookout for. Prices of used Teslas vary due to the maintenance and the year the owner bought them.

If you’re lucky, you can get a bargaining opportunity. You have a couple of options to negotiate a Tesla’s price, depending on how you choose to purchase them. Let’s break things down a bit further.

Can You Negotiate a Tesla Price?

Negotiating in Dealerships

Dealer shops are a third party that can get you a Tesla from the company. Tesla customers can seal a good deal according to how much they got or how they will pay.

When buying from the company, you can only get a Tesla at a cheaper price if you get a discount. On the other hand, dealerships often have a negotiable price at certain times of the year.

A brand new Tesla costs $50,000-$200,000, depending on the model. So most dealers opt to sell the car on loan. You end up paying more than the actual price from the company.

Another thing you should be aware of is the price range, among different dealerships. But, the difference is minor due to its scarcity in the dealerships.

Even where there is a possibility of negotiating a price, you shouldn’t expect to get the Tesla at a throwaway price. Dealers act as brokers for Tesla owners who want to sell their cars but don’t want to deal with marketing.

Therefore, the negotiable price is not far from the market price because the dealer must make a deal favoring both parties.

You might get it at a lower price if you do a trade-in. If you already own a Tesla, you can simply bump up your funds and get an upgrade. Always check out the warranty when choosing a Tesla from a dealership.

The contract should cover four years, which will also give an indication of the car’s worth. But, you don’t get an extra warranty as you would have by buying a new Tesla from the company. Besides, Teslas have different controls, and figuring out how it works will be a challenging task.


You can also get a Tesla by buying it directly from a previous owner. Unlike other vehicles, Tesla owners rarely want to sell their cars.

Some are simply in love with the vehicle, but you could find someone selling theirs on different social media platforms. As is the case with buying a car from a dealership, be sure to check the warranty.

Buying a used Tesla may come with an expired warranty or one with only a few months left. Check the car’s year of purchase to confirm the warranty’s validity.

You should expect a few repair issues on the car, and unless you complete the deal after examination by an expert, you may discover some of these issues along the way. Having an expert examine the car will also help you determine the ideal price based on its condition.

Ensure the windows have no scratches and cracks on the roof. Also, make sure that the doors are in good working condition and have no squeaking noises.

It’s advisable to replace the tires. Tesla tires tear faster than other vehicles. Check the battery drainage and ensure the cameras are still in place and working, for security measures.

Give it a road test if you can to feel the car and test out all the road features of the vehicle. Also, confirm the car you are buying is the actual one by checking if the tag at the back of the car matches the one on the instrument cluster.

Don’t expect the prices of cars bought from individuals to be cheap. Everyone has their set fee for their Tesla, and it’s your job to convince them to reach your terms.


Clearly, it’s not that easy to get a Tesla out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get one. Although there are no negotiations, some choose to buy used Teslas from the company as it comes with its benefits. Either way, it all boils down to your preference and budget. Would you rather negotiate for a second-hand Tesla, or just buy a new one directly from the company?


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