What is Auto pilot With Convenience Features? (Solved & Answered)

Auto pilot With Convenience Features explained

I’ll be the first to admit that Teslas can be somewhat confusing with all the tech they come with. For example, you have autopilot but what is autopilot with convenience features?

If you are wondering, then you are definitely in the right place so stick around! One of the most attractive things about Tesla vehicles is that they are cutting edge in terms of their abilities and features. One of the main reasons why they are popular with drivers is the autopilot feature.

What is Auto pilot With Convenience Features?

In short, Autopilot With Convenience Features is a feature that helps you stay within your lane automatically. It has been proven to work best on the freeways rather than the streets. In other words, the autopilot will keep you on course. Next up w have autopilot with convenience features which adds on extra capability.

These extra features include crash intervention, parking assist as well as lane-changing capability. With autopilot and enhanced autopilot, you are required to mostly keep your hands on the wheel.

Next up we have full self driving mode where all you do is punch in your destination and your Tesla will take you there without the need to interact with the car.

Although this technology has greatly improved, it is still not perfect. In several cases of unfortunate events of Tesla owners in full self-driving mode have been injured because the technology on the car did not do what it was supposed to do.

Another issue is that autonomous driving is illegal in some areas so you cannot sleep, for example, while your Tesla is in full self-driving mode.

What Features Does Autopilot Have?

The standard autopilot found on Teslas is basically a distance-keeping and lane-keeping cruise mode. When you enter you’re your destination in the navigation system, you will also need to enter your cruise speed. Autopilot will allow you to maintain a safe speed and distance between you and other cars and it will stay within a single lane.

What is Autopilot With Convenience Features?

Autopilot with convenience features includes all of the autopilot features with some additional features. When you are on the highway with this feature activated, you will also get the added benefit of being able to switch lanes.

You will also have crash prevention, a feature that senses danger and takes the necessary evasive action like braking or swerving to avoid the obstacle.

You will also get park assist which will automatically do things like parallel parking. Unlike full self driving mode, this feature is not able to recognize things like traffic stops, traffic lights, and street signs.

What is the Difference Between Autopilot and Self Driving? The main difference that will immediately stick out is the capabilities. Full self driving mode offers autonomous driving. The vehicle will literally drive from one location to another with little to no input from you.

It includes everything that you get in both auto pilot options and additional features. It has the ability to read street signs, identify street lights and traffic stops as well as other capabilities.

I will reiterate that autonomous driving is illegal in some areas so you need to verify its legality where you live. One of the features that are included in the full package is the smart summon feature. This is where you can summon your car to you using the smart app on your phone.

Though this feature will definitely make you look cool in front of your friends, it is not something that you want to do in a crowded place like a mall parking lot, for example.

The sensors tend to get sensory overload and the car can get confused if a person steps in front of it or another car is coming. It rather looks clumsy if we are, to be honest. This part definitely needs to be improved and, knowing Tesla, this issue will be fixed with time. Getting full self-driving mode will cost you though.

You have to pay an additional $8,000 for this feature to be included. Talk to a Tesla owner who has and uses this feature and they will tell you that it was an investment well spent.


There you have it; you not only now know what autopilot with convenience features is, but you now know what other options are available to you.


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