Are Tesla Tires Run Flat? (Solved & Answered!)

tesla tires run flat

What are run-flat tires and so Teslas use them? In this article, I am going to be digging into this subject matter and hopefully answer your questions about Teslas and run-flat tires.

I know that you are a busy person who doesn’t like fluff, so I will do my best to stay on point. In summary, though, Teslas do not come with run flat tires.

Tesla is always making improvements to their vehicles to make them more efficient and thereby increase the mileage each charge gives you. For example, Teslas do not come with spare tires.

The reason they do this is due to the fact that 85% of vehicles don’t get a flat tire throughout their lifespan. After realizing this, Tesla does not include spare tires in their vehicles as the odds of getting a flat are only 15% across the board for all vehicles.

Removing the spare tire and accessories helps the vehicle to be lighter meaning that you get slight improvements in battery life which add up over time.

Do Teslas Come with Run Flat Tires?

In short, No, Teslas do not come with run flat tires installed. If you want them, you may want to replace the existing tires with run flat tires. Before you proceed though, you might want to get feedback from the dealership if this does not affect your warranty.

This is due to the possibility of greater demand on your battery, leading to faster than normal wear and tear. If you do get the green light from them, you can safely try run flat tires.

How Do Run Flat Tires Work?

In essence, they are tires that allow your vehicle to keep going for at least another 200 miles after getting punctured.

They are able to do this because the sides of the tires are reinforced and will prevent the tire from sagging as in normal situations.

The tire will not lose its shape and you can safely drive with relatively fewer issues. “Genius!” you say, right? Well, though there are obvious benefits here, you will also discover that there are some disadvantages of run flat which we will discuss in detail further down in this post.

Pros of Run Flat Tires on Tesla

Now, let’s talk about run flat tire pros and what they are all about. The obvious advantage that immediately stands out is the fact that you are not stranded should you get a flat in the middle of nowhere.

Tesla does have roadside assistance and a replacement tire will be brought to you. They usually arrive within 30 minutes after you call them.

If you are in the middle of nowhere though, you should expect them a little longer but this will be communicated to you.

Cons of Run Flat Tires on Tesla

Now let’s look at some of the reasons why run flat tires are not the best tires for your Tesla. The first reason is that run flat tires are heavier than normal tires and we are talking about 20% to 25% more.

As you can imagine, that extra weight will affect your overall mileage between charges. With how Tesla is so meticulous when it comes to making the slightest improvement to their cars, this will set you back a bit when it comes to the benefits you will enjoy.

Another con is that run-flat tires make the ride a little tougher than would be expected. Part of the shock your car experiences is dampened by the tyres mainly due to the fact that they are flexible on the sides.

This is not the case when it comes to run flat tires. The reinforced tire sides will not bulk. The other negative is that your car’s handling will also be greatly impacted by the run flat tires. Drivers with these tires installed noticed a significant decrease in performance when it came to the car’s handling

Run flat tires also cost 25% more than regular tires. It means you going to spend a lot more purchasing them. We wish we could say that the money you spend will be spending because you get longer tire life but we can’t.

This leads us to the next con: Run flat tires have significantly more tire wear than regular tires. It makes sense that the rigid nature of the tires will lead to more wear and tear.

Lastly, run flat tires are also difficult to find. The demand outweighs supply and generally speaking, this leads to higher prices for these types of tires.

Conclusion on Tesla Run Flat Tires

There you have it, Teslas do not come with run flat tires but you can add them on if you want to try them out. We only ask that you check with your dealership first if under warranty and that you also consider the pros and cons discussed here.


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