What Happens If Your Tesla Runs out of Battery? (Solved & Answered)

tesla out of battery

Most new Tesla owners suffer from range anxiety since they keep thinking about running out of electricity before reaching the next charging point. But with time, they feel less anxious about how long the Tesla will last before running out of charge.

What Happens If Your Tesla Runs out of Battery?

In short, When a Tesla is running out of charge, it will slow down to around 15mph and notify the driver about the impending problem. It will eventually come to a stop and put itself in a parking mode if the charge is exhausted.

Tesla vehicles usually notify their drivers when they are about to run out of charge. The notification makes it easier for the driver to note the problem early and head to the nearest charging station before getting stuck on the way.

The battery icon color on the dashboard will also change from green to yellow and finally red. The red battery icon color implies that the vehicle is draining the last bit of power before dying.

Besides that, the vehicle will begin slowing down to around 15mph. Do not panic when the battery charge reaches zero since the vehicle can still give you 10-20 miles before turning itself into a parking mode. But don’t count on the extra miles because the vehicle cannot drive at 65mph to reach the next charging point.

I recommend pulling over to a safe roadside before the car turns itself into a parking mode. Take the time to call roadside assistance or a tow truck to get you to the nearest public charging station.

How Long Does It Take a Tesla to Run out of Charge?

Range anxiety is the biggest fear among new electric car owners. But Tesla owners should worry less since the vehicle battery can last at least 267 miles or more on a single charge.

The Tesla mileage range depends on the model since some have higher mileage coverage on a single charge than others.

Most modern Tesla models can give you up to 375 miles per full charge. If you drive on rough terrain, the mileage range can drop to 250 miles. If you keep stomping on the pedals and driving aggressively, you may also need to worry about the battery charge.

All in all, Tesla provides a sufficient range for commuters and long-distance driving. These electric cars are also increasingly becoming reliable due to the construction of numerous public charging points.

Summary Table of Tesla Model Mileage Range on a Single Charge

Tesla Model Range
Model 3 Standard Range267 miles
Model 3 Long Range334 miles
Model 3 Performance315 miles
Model S standard Performance375 miles
Model S Plaid348 miles
Model X standard 332 miles
Model X Plaid313 miles
Model Y Long Range318 miles
Model Y Performance303 miles

Why Does Each Tesla Model Have Different Ranges?

Multiple factors determine the Tesla mile range on a single charge. Let us now discuss the range difference for each Tesla model:

Driving Style

A Tesla can exhaust the charge more quickly and fail to attain full range if driven fast. It is the same thing that happens to traditional cars with internal combustion engines.

If you also drive your Tesla in a freezing temperature or headwind, the battery will exert more power and impact its range. I recommend driving at a safe speed, reducing excess weight, braking slowly, and keeping tires inflated to counter issues impacting the range.

Battery Size

The Tesla battery size also impacts the mileage range of each model. Tesla Model 3 has the smallest battery that covers 267 miles on a full charge.

Model S has the largest battery that covers up to 375 miles on a single charge. But model 3 is the cheapest option when it comes to charging costs than model S.

Modern Tesla models can give you a long-range and hold a charge for a long period. If you plan to buy any model, there is no need to worry about range and charge.

Tesla Models

Tesla cars come in different models with different battery sizes. Tesla Model 3 has a small internal battery that covers 267 miles on a single charge.

Tesla Model X, S, and Y have the largest internal batteries that cover up to 375 miles when fully charged. But the cost of charging might be higher than that of Model 3. If you are looking for a commuting model with higher performance and cost-effectiveness, consider Plaid Model S or X.

Do Tesla Vehicles Charge While Driving?

If you are a Tesla owner, several convenient charging options can suit your driving needs and lifestyle. These options allow someone to charge the Tesla at home or on the road.

So, do Tesla vehicles charge while driving? No. But you can use a supercharger to recharge your Tesla battery and get back on the road.

It is the fastest charging option when you are far away from home or public charging points. A supercharge can recharge a Tesla battery up to 200miles in 15 minutes.

Otherwise, you need to plan your trip and estimate the battery charge range to avoid getting stuck on the road.


Tesla cars are the most reliable due to the mileage range and new technology battery lifetime. It has made charging Tesla cars more affordable than filling a gasoline counterpart.

You will save money with Tesla automobiles and help reduce environmental pollution in the long run. The Tesla batteries serve for an extended period compared to the others.

The best way to keep your charging costs low is to use solar panels. It will relieve you from the stress of paying huge electricity bills at the end month.


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