Tesla Tire Rotation (Do Teslas Really Need it?)

Tesla Tire Rotation

Every machine needs to be maintained properly in order for it to last as long as it should. That being said, tire rotations are considered an integral part of scheduled maintenance.

However, most people often overlook them. This is when you switch the placements of all four of your tires so that they wear out more evenly. So, what about the Tesla tire rotation procedures then?

Does Tesla need tire rotation?

In short, yes, Tire rotation on a Tesla is just as important if not more for a Tesla. This is because your tires need to be in top shape since Teslas are performance vehicles. This is why their tires need to be able to handle all of the power that the electric motor throws at them.

Tesla themselves recommend that you rotate your hoops every 6,250 miles or if the tread depth difference exceeds 2/32-in.

All cars need tire rotations according to the timeline that their manufacturers recommend. Tires are some of the most rugged components on a car yet they take the most abuse.

They are negatively affected by not just the road, but also by the environment and heat. Furthermore, Tesla cars are some of the world’s quickest and most powerful.

These cars are hence absolute tire killers and their owners often tend to get carried away while putting their foot down. The tires on these cars should be rotated earlier if the owner is a more aggressive driver. Tesla also recommends that you maintain the vehicle’s tire pressure.

This is especially important when the weather changes. You’re supposed to keep the tire pressure higher in winter and lower it during the summer. You should also keep your tires inflated if your car isn’t driven as much to prevent flat spots.

What happens if you don’t rotate your Tesla tires?

Well, your tires will become misaligned if you do not rotate them. This will ruin the car’s handling over time and driving fast could become a hazard. You will also lose or have uneven tire pressure, which can cause more wear and ruin the fuel efficiency.

Can Tesla tires be rotated anywhere?

Contrary to popular belief, Tesla tires can be rotated by any automotive technician. It is not necessary that you get the job done by Tesla themselves. But there is one catch, technicians should know what they’re doing. This is because electric vehicles are a bit more complex to work on than ICE cars.

How much does a tire rotation cost at Tesla?

Let’s say that you decide you get the tire rotation done from the company themselves. What will it cost you? Well, whether it is the Tesla Model Y tire rotation or the Tesla Model 3 tire rotation cost, you’ll be paying in the $60-150 range if you don’t have a deal.

You’ll pay around a $1000 for 150k miles driven. This is the Tesla tire rotation cost if you go to an official Tesla dealer. If you go to a regular mechanic, prepare for the price to be half of whatever you pay officially. However, you should be aware that the more traditional tire guy may not have the same expertise as the Tesla technicians.

How often do you need to replace Tesla tires?

Tesla tires are of high quality but they also lack longevity. This is why they can last you a maximum of 30k miles.

Whether you’re looking for a Model Y tire rotation or you’re looking to rotate Tesla Model 3 tires; the recommended mileage is the same: 6250 miles. That said, if you like to drive rough then you should rotate Tesla tires if the tread depth difference exceeds 2/32-in.

To know more about the tire maintenance guide from Tesla, click here.

How do you rotate Tesla tires?

There are several methods of rotating your Tesla tires; let’s say you’re doing a Tesla Model S tire rotation. The best way to do so would be the cross method. This means that you switch the front tires’ sides and move them to the back. So, the front left tire would become the rear right tire and vice versa.


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