Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost (Solved & Answered)

Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost

What do you do when a Tesla breaks down? You call Roadside Assistance, of course. It is exactly what it sounds like, a service offered by Tesla to help you in tough times on the road.

The Roadside service from Tesla covers a lot of stuff that can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. This includes breakdowns, lockouts, and flat tires. But what exactly does the Tesla Roadside Assistance cost?

In short, The answer is nothing, if you’re covered by Tesla’s warranty or by some extended service agreements. The company offers you this service for free then. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can misuse this feature. You’ll have to pay for the repairs and additional costs.

There are also limitations on the number of times you can call them or the number of miles you can use the features for. The following piece gives you the details of this service:

Is there any Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost?

The Tesla Roadside Service cost is essentially none. But for that, you need to be under one of Teslas 3 warranties.

These are the New or Used Basic Vehicle Limited Warranties, or Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement. You also need to be located in a region that has a Tesla Service center.

There are many countries that are excluded from this as a result, because they do not have a Tesla facility available. But with that said, there are some costs that are associated with the assistance service.

The car has to break down under normal conditions for free service. You’ll also be charged for the transportation costs of your vehicle, after it has been repaired in the Service Center.

They also will charge you if the car has been damaged by hazardous conditions in dangerous places. These include damages from nature, road fixtures, and vandalism. Damage and wear and tear from negligence are also not covered.

This also means that if you’ve overloaded your Tesla beyond its recommended weight rating, then the company won’t be responsible for the costs that arise. Furthermore, you should also be prepared to pay for any costs related to a depleted battery.

Now, while Tesla will tow you for free to their repair center, you’ll also have to pay for any sort of tolls, fines and taxes that come along the way.

This also includes any sort of customs fees that could be applied while transporting the vehicle. You should also remember that the free towing service is limited to a repair center in a 500-mile radius from the breakdown.

A great thing about this feature is that it is transferable like your car’s warranty. That means that if you sell your Tesla while it is still covered by a Tesla warranty, the remaining Roadside Assistance perks are also handed over to the new owner.

This increases the car’s resale value as well. All you or the new owner have to do is notify Tesla about the change of ownership with enough proof.

Now, since there’s no direct Tesla Roadside Assistance charge, are there any limitations that you can expect from the service apart from additional costs?

Well for starters, the Roadside Assistance service is available for 4 years or 50k miles, whichever comes first. Secondly, you can only reach out to the company for one call per incident.

Tesla Roadside Assistance flat tire cost Here’s an FAQ: What happens if you get a flat tire in a Tesla? You look for the nearest tire dealer, unless if you’ve got Roadside Assistance.

Then, you’re just a couple of clicks away from Tesla sending you help. Now, this can be provided by them in two ways. The first is that the assistance provider will give you a loaner wheel so that you can be on your way.

You’ll have to return that wheel to the nearest Tesla Service Center within 3 days, or the time that you have agreed upon with the assistance provider.

They’ll keep your original wheel in the meantime. The second is that the Tesla representative will tow your vehicle to the nearest service center for repairs (funded from your own pocket).

In both of these cases, the tesla flat tire roadside assistance cost is the price you’ll pay for repairing your original wheel. Also, you’ll have to pay for towing if you’re more than 50 miles from the service center.

Tesla Roadside Assistance charging cost

Now, what happens if your Tesla runs out of battery? Apart from you being halted to a standstill, you’ll receive help from Tesla if you’re on Roadside Assistance.

Now, this is an additional service so you’ll be charged for it by Tesla. They’ll also help you jumpstart the car if needed. You can know more about this service by contacting Tesla Roadside Assistance.

How quick is Tesla Roadside Assistance?

This depends on how far the Tesla center is from your location, and the region that you’re in. Tesla offers you this service 24/7/365.

Can you extend Tesla Roadside Assistance?

Yes, Tesla offers you extended warranties once your original one expires. When you get an extended warranty, your Roadside Assistance extends as well.



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