Tesla Scratch Repair Cost (Average Price Explained)

cost to repair a tesla paint and scratch

Your Tesla might be more high-end than other electric cars due to its robust materials and advanced technology. But that does not make it invincible to scratches. So, knowing how much it would cost to repair scratches on your Tesla is crucial.

In short, The average Tesla scratch repair cost is about $150 to $ 2500. Minor scratches would cost around $150 and up to $2500 for deep paint scratches. A complete Tesla scratch repair task could cost up to $3500.

With all that said, the cost of fixing scratches on your Tesla would vary depending on multiple factors. Getting a scratch repair price quote from a reputable dealer would be a great deal. Otherwise, let us find out more about Teslas scratch repair prices.

How Much Does A Tesla Scratch Repair Cost?

The amount for fixing scratches on Tesla varies due to several factors. But the scratch repair cost on your Tesla should not be different from other car brands.

I recommend getting Tesla scratch repair quotes from several dealers before making a decision. The average cost for minor scratch repair is about $150 but it may leave the location paint somewhat faded.

Fixing this minor scratch on your Tesla will take about 1-2 days from a professional mechanic shop. On the other hand, the average cost for fixing deep paint scratch is around $2500.

It is a full paint job that might take about 2-4 days. Besides that, you will incur additional expenses of $1000. Most auto body scratch repairs are so expensive since the task is time-consuming and tedious.

Sometimes, these scratches might trigger re-painting the entire body panels to enhance consistency in color. But do not freak out when your Tesla gets a minor or deep paint scratch.

Take the time to research reputable scratch repair shops nearby by getting their respective price quotations. The information will help you make an informed decision in the long run.

Factors that Impact Tesla Scratch Repair Cost

Several factors tend to determine the cost of fixing scratches on your Tesla. Let us now dive into the discussion about these factors that impact the Tesla scratch repair price in the country.


The amount you will pay for fixing scratches on your Tesla will depend on whether they are minor or deep paint. Fixing minor scratches are quite more affordable than the deep paint counterpart.

Most repair shops charge $100-$150 for a minor scratch and up to $2500-$3500 for a deep paint scratch. I recommend assessing the severity of the scratch on your Tesla before budgeting for the repair cost.

Body Location

Tesla autos are high-tech machines when compared to other car brands. These vehicles have unique body designs that require certain skill levels for re-painting and fixing scratches.

Fixing a scratch on body panels is more affordable than on the bumper since it is accessible and less cumbersome to perform the task. The bumper region on Tesla can be complicated and time-consuming.

Different Repair Shops

Many body shops for fixing scratches on Tesla charge different prices.  Some shops may charge affordable prices and others might drain your bank account. But I recommend getting quotations from different body shops for repairing scratches.

Having a price range will help you during budgeting for the scratch repair service. These price variations are due to the geographical location of the body shop. Some states impose heavy taxes on these companies which force them to charge high prices.

Tesla Scratch Repair Method

The average cost for fixing scratches on your Tesla depends on the repair method. A paintless dent repair would cost around $500, while a full paint job is about $3500.

On the other hand, a paint repair kit would cost $60. A full paint task is the best option since it can fix any scratch and dent. A paint repair kit is the most affordable though it is ideal for minor scratches only.

I recommend a paintless dent repair option when dealing with minor-medium scratches.

Does Tesla Service Fix Scratches?

Tesla service centers and mobile service fleet offer collision repairs to their customers across the country. The move has helped many Tesla owners avoid greedy body repair shops.

Tesla offers quality work, quick services, and transparent pricing. The chances of your bank account being drained by exorbitant third-party body repair shops no longer exist.

The mechanics from Tesla will paint scuffs, scratches, and repair minor dents. Besides that, the team can replace a bumper, side mirrors, fenders, and other parts. I recommend making an appointment for your Tesla scratch repair service.

Is It Worth Fixing Tesla Scratch?

You might be someone used to ignoring minor scratches or damages on your car. But these minor damages could turn into something more serious. So, is it worth fixing a Tesla scratch?

Yes. A scratch on your Tesla will create a weak point on the paintwork to facilitate corrosion and other damages. Repairing a Tesla scratch will boost the lifespan of your car.

I recommend visiting the nearest Tesla service center for repair and avoiding more severe problems in the future. The repaint will keep elements from compromising the body panels.

Besides that, fixing a Tesla scratch will help hold the resale value. Visible scratches and dents are known to decrease the resale value of any vehicle. If you plan to resell your Tesla, consider fixing the minor scratches and dents.


Minor scratches and dents can make your Tesla suck since fixing them can be quite expensive. And ignoring these invisible scratches would result in a more severe problem in the long run. Visiting a professional body shop will give your scratched Tesla more detailed repair services. The amount for fixing these issues will vary depending on their severity and location on the car.


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