Do You Have to Pay to Charge a Tesla? (Answered & Explained!)

Do You Have to Pay to Charge a Tesla

Owning a Tesla is an experience like no other. Not only does a Tesla put you in an exclusive group of people. But running it daily is a different adventure altogether. Unlike a regular car, a Tesla is all-electric. This means that you don’t have to worry about mechanical failures or fill it to the brim with gasoline.

However, a Tesla does use fuel, it’s just not powered by fossils. Tesla cars are to be charged to give you a certain amount of range in miles, just like your phone is to be charged for providing you hours in runtime.

There’s a perception that this helps make a Tesla cheaper to own than a regular gas vehicle. But is this true and do you have to pay to charge a Tesla? The following should answer your queries:

Is Tesla Charging Free?

For some people, yes. Tesla made waves with its announcement of “free Supercharging” almost a decade ago. However, the deal doesn’t apply to all Tesla owners. The Model Y, 3, X, and S owners from a specific time period can qualify for unlimited free Supercharging. But even this is for some trim levels.

How Much Does Charging a Tesla Cost?

As charging a Tesla isn’t free for everyone, it is important that you should know about the various charging rates for your potential Tesla. The rates differ as a Model 3 should cost about 3-4 cents per mile. The Models S and Y will cost you around 3.7 and 4.7 cents respectively, according to SolarReviews

How Much Does Your Electric Bill Go Up with A Tesla?

You can also charge your Tesla at home, which is what most people prefer. You can put your vehicle on charging while it is in your garage. Whenever you’ll need to head out, you’ll find a fully charged Tesla. But the real question is is it cheaper to charge a Tesla at home or at a supercharger?

Well, it is the former for most Tesla models as you’re billed per kWh of charging. Superchargers or Charging stations charge you more than your electricity provider at home does. According to EnergySage, you can expect your home electricity bill to increase by an average of 45 dollars per month.

This is based on the figure that accounts for a rate of 4.12 cents per mile for the entire Tesla range. While this may be cheaper than a supercharger, you can still make it more inexpensive. This can be done by installing solar panels in your house that harness the sun’s energy.

How Do I Charge My Tesla for Free?

The best way to charge your Tesla for free is to see if you qualify for free Supercharging. You can simply log in to your Tesla account. There, you can find your vehicle’s details and you can identify if free Supercharging applies to your Tesla. Also, keep on the lookout for special deals from Tesla.

Does Owning a Tesla Save You Money?

Yes, it does. When you own and drive a Tesla, you can expect to only pay for electricity. Even this will cost you a lot less than filling up your gasoline vehicle. The money spent on maintenance is negligible and as long as you take care of your tires, you’re good.

Conclusion on Do You Have to Pay to Charge a Tesla?

It is apparent that you have to pay to charge a Tesla. However, this is nothing to worry about as you’ll still save a lot of cash. Your Tesla will easily do hundreds of thousands of miles. Over this time, you can imagine how much you’ll save with no fluid changes and without having to worry about high gas prices


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