Do Tesla Employees Get a Discount?

With electric cars becoming a big business, you may be wondering if people who work for Tesla get any perks or discounts.

Teslas are the most high-tech and fastest cars available. Their great features make them worth every penny. But since they are pretty expensive. You may be wondering,

What is the perk of working for Tesla? Do the employees get special discounts on their own cars? I will be answering these questions in this article and talk about how much it would cost to buy a Tesla with a discount.

Do Tesla Employees Get a Discount?

Although Tesla doesn’t offer discounts on their Cars, Employees can still enjoy up to a 35% Discount on other things such as Travel expenses, Entertainment, Wellbeing and childcare, and many more.

While we don’t know the exact discount, it’s generally believed that the employee discount is 35%. This would be similar to what most automakers offer their employees.

Meanwhile, Tesla employees reportedly have to wait until the end of Bi annually before they can place an order with the discount.

In addition to the discount on merchandise and services, Tesla employees are also eligible for free travel insurance including annual worldwide medical coverage, dental and vision insurance options, short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, life insurance options, and accidental death & dismemberment coverage.

Do Tesla Employees Get a Discount on Cars?

Well, since Tesla cars are sold directly (meaning Tesla doesn’t have dealerships) and have very low margins, they don’t give discounts to their employees on cars.

However, they do offer a referral program where if you get someone else to buy a car using your referral code, they get some perks and then you get $1000 off your next service visit. I’ve done this twice now with no problems at all.

The best way to find out about the program is to call your local Tesla store. You can also visit the website, but it isn’t as clear. I think the website is really geared towards people that already own a Tesla so it can be confusing.

Why Tesla Doesn’t Offer Discounts on cars?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Tesla is why the company doesn’t offer any discounts on its cars.

The short answer is that Tesla’s Profit Margins are really tight.

Tesla runs relatively small margins, and its operating costs are extremely high. Tesla is experiencing a lot of demand from the market and finds it harder to keep up with it. Additionally, Tesla doesn’t luxury of increasing the price of its cars because of their complexity — the Model 3, for example, has an estimated thousands of parts in it, not including the battery pack and motor.

So Tesla can afford to sell its cars at full price and rely on supply and demand to generate sales, especially since demand for its cars has far exceeded supply.

What Discounts & Benefits Do Tesla Employees Get?

Tesla knows how to take care of its employees. The company is famous for offering an exciting workplace where people can be part of the future of clean energy. Besides being able to work on a state-of-the-art product, Tesla also provides great benefits for its employees.

If you are considering joining Tesla as an employee, here are some of the benefits you should expect:

1. Employee discounts on Tesla merchandise and products

Tesla employees get discounts on their cars after six months at the company. They also get discounts on merchandise like apparel, phone cases, and other products.

2. Great disability insurance

Tesla offers long-term disability insurance that fully covers an employee’s salary in case they become disabled while they are working there. The plan pays up to 90% of the employee’s income after six months. This benefit is available to all full-time employees, even those who were hired only part-time originally.

3. High-Quality EV training

Tesla employees can learn about green energy and electric cars by attending educational seminars sponsored by Tesla and its partners. These courses cover a wide range of topics related to sustainable energy and electric vehicles. Employees can also get certified as electric vehicle technicians through these programs if they want to advance their careers at the company or elsewhere in

4. Paid Time Off

Tesla also offers a generous paid-time-off program. In addition to the 12 weeks of maternity and seven weeks of paternity leave, Tesla employees get five weeks of vacation time each year. Tesla also closes its offices for 10 holidays annually.

5. Financial Reward

Tesla’s 401K plan is another benefit that makes Tesla employees happy. After their first paycheck, employees can begin contributing to the plan with a pre-tax deduction from their paycheck.

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