What Do the Numbers and Letters Mean on a Tesla? (Complete Guide)

All cars have different model numbers/letters that denote their place in an automaker’s lineup. Take BMW and Mercedes for example, their codenames (750Li, S500, etc.) are understood by even the most casual petrolhead.

So, Tesla cars being one of the pinnacles of modern automotive engineering are also denoted by numbers and letters. So then, what do the numbers and letters mean on a Tesla?

In short, it is a naming convention that describes the variant of the car in question. You have numbers such as 75 and 90 denoting the battery capacities. Meanwhile, letters like P and D are used for showing the car’s attributes such as Performance packages and dual motors.

The following piece shows you the different meanings of these numbers and letters in detail:

What do Tesla Model numbers mean?

I will begin with the numbers on your Tesla. These are used by the company to indicate the total capacity of the battery in kWh. A 75D codename indicates a battery capacity of 75 kWh; a 90D indicates 90 kWh and a 100D displays 100 kWh.

The larger the number on the Tesla, the larger the battery capacity. A larger battery capacity means that the car will not just be more powerful, but it will be quicker and the best of all, it’ll give you a better range. Now that we’re done with the numbers, let’s look at what the alphabets mean

What does 75D mean for Tesla?

You’ll find this denoting either the Model S or the Model X. As explained above, the number 75 stands for the battery capacity of 75 kWh. Meanwhile, the D shows you that this Tesla has two motors instead of one. These two factors make up the 75D name

What does 100D mean Tesla?

The 100D is used to show that the Tesla in question has a 100-kWh battery and that it has a dual-motor configuration. These two facts are shown by the 100 and D respectively.

What is the difference between Tesla 100D and P100D?

Once again, there’s only one notable difference between these two. Both of them have the same battery and the same number of motors. The P100D however is the AWD Performance version of the make. The range will arguably remain the same but its power and hence the acceleration is higher.

What do the P and D mean on a Tesla?

You can also find some Tesla cars with P and/or D in their codenames. The P stands for Performance, which indicates that the car is a high-performance version of your regular Tesla.

It’ll have AWD; it’ll be quicker and it may also provide you with a longer range. Then there’s the alphabet D, which shows that the Tesla in question has two motors.

It stands for Dual-motor, meaning that the car has one motor in the front and another in the rear. Finding a Tesla with a D in its codename is easier than finding one with a P. You can definitely find Teslas with both of these alphabets on them (e.g.; P100D).

What does P100D mean Tesla?

So, what does Tesla P100D mean? Well, this codename represents three things. The first is that it has dual motors due to the D in it. Then there’s the 100 which represents the battery capacity of 100 kWh. Finally, there’s the P which shows you that the car is the high-end AWD performance version.

What is the difference between Tesla 90D and P90D?

Similar to the models compared above, these two are also the same in terms of their battery and number of motors. The difference is that the P90D is a more powerful and quicker car due to it being an AWD Performance Tesla. This is shown by the P in its name.

What is Tesla RN number?

The Tesla RN number is not like the codenames mentioned above. RN stands for Reservation Number, aka the number used to classify you as a Tesla customer. There’s also another number for this; the RSN. This is the Reservation Sequence Number that is also used for the same job.

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