Tesla White vs Black Interior (The Ultimate Comparison)

tesla model 3 white interior vs black

Wondering whether to go with black or white leather for your Tesla? In this post, we are going to be looking at the pros and cons of either option. Your vehicle’s interior is arguably the next important part of your vehicle after the exterior looks and performance.

If you are like the majority of people, you want to enjoy an overall experience with your car and on the list of the things that give you a great experience is the interior of your car.

Teslas are designed very well to give the driver an unforgettable experience. The base trim of the Model 3 comes with cloth seats but you can also get faux leather or, more accurately, vegan leather seats if you pay an additional $2000.

Initially, you were only able to get black leather as an option but white leather is now available. So which option is more suitable for you? That’s what we are going to be exploring during the rest of this article.

Tesla White vs Black Interior

In short, the main difference between Tesla’s white and black interior is the fact that the white interior is more durable, and looks more elegant but requires a lot more maintenance whereas black interior is easy to clean and maintain and a better option if you have dogs and children.

Tesla White Interior Overview

Simply put, the white interior in a Tesla looks awesome. It’s become harder to imagine the inside of a Tesla with any other color. It looks sleek, elegant, and out of this world.

You can tell that the team at Tesla took their time in coming up with it. White is bright and airy and it helps keep your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It makes it feel bigger inside because it reflects more light.

You feel like you’re sitting in a cloud. The downside is that white also absorbs dust and stains easily especially if you have kids or pets. The upside is that it’s quite easy to clean. If you have sensitive eyes though, the reflection of light on the white seats will make it unbearable. If that’s your situation, it’s best to go with the black.

Do White Tesla Seats Stay Clean?

When we talk about having to clean white leather seats in a Tesla, we don’t necessarily mean that they are difficult to clean.

Most of the stains that get onto the seats will be surface level and easily removed using a microfibre cloth, water, and a non-soap detergent.

Wine, food, blue jean dye, and other stains do not last for long on the faux leather in Tesla cars. If the first wipe down doesn’t get them out, subsequent efforts will eventually get the job done.

How Do I Protect My Tesla White Seats?

One option available to you if you want to protect the white seat on your Tesla is to put on seat covers. Although they protect your seats, seat covers don’t offer the same look as uncovered seats.

A better alternative is to apply a protective coating such as Scotchgard. Apply 4 layers giving each layer 10 minutes to dry before applying the next. Besides giving your seats an added layer of protection, it also makes it very easy to clean your seats.

Tesla Black Interior Overview

If you have small kids, pets or you have a job that stains or soils your clothes often, black will most likely be the option for you. That is unless you like cleaning. Black won’t show stains, dirt and grime and needs minimum attention.

Black could be the preferred option for more men than women for obvious reasons. Though the white interior looks great, it’s not for everyone when you think about the amount of care that goes into it.

Are White Tesla Seats Softer Than Black?

If driver accounts are to be believed, the white leather in Teslas is softer than the black options. One particular driver describes it as having softer material and cushioning. Whether or not this is tha case is up for debate.


Whether you go for black or white seats will depend on your own unique circumstances. It boils down to the look you’re going for, health issues like sensitive eyes, your occupation, whether you have young kids or not as well as several other factors.

I have given you some information in this post to help you better understand the difference between the two and hopefully enable you to make an informed decision as to which option you want to go for.



Jimmy Mitchell is an electric vehicle aficionado who has been following the space since Tesla first hit the scene. A longtime proponent of sustainable transportation, Jimmy was one of the first to buy a Tesla 3 as soon as it came out. He loves nothing more than helping others learn about and enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles. When he's not evangelizing about EVs, Jimmy enjoys spending time with his family and travelling throughout south east asia

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