Tesla Valvet Mode (Everything You Need to Know)

tesla valet mode

Wondering what valet mode is in a Tesla? ….then look no further. In this post, we will be taking a deep dive into this issue to leave you with a better understanding.

As a car owner, more so, a Tesla owner, you want to ensure that your car is in safe hands anytime you hand it over to someone else. Valet mode is the answer for that.

It offers owners that added level of security that allows them to set limits on how much of the vehicle can be accessed as well as speed and other limits.

You may have used valet service for a long time but there’s a certain level of apprehension that comes when you hand over the keys of your baby to someone you know literally nothing about. Valet mode comes in and gives you that added level of assurance.

What is Valet Mode in Tesla?

In short, Valet service is a function in your Tesla that allows you to limit access to specific features of your Tesla. This includes limiting the speed of your Tesla, removing access to the radio, climate control, glove compartment, and frunk as well as removing access to most features on your Tesla.

In actual fact, it only allows the valet to do what they are supposed to do which is to take your car to a parking space and then bring it back to you once you need it.

You don’t need to worry about testing the speed limit, playing loud music, or accessing your valuables in the glove compartment.

When you use the valet option, all you need to do is give the Valet a key card that will allow then to start, lock and unlock your car. You remain with the key FOB.

How Do You Use Tesla Valet Mode?

How do you access valet mode though? Like just about every other function on a Tesla, valet mode is activated via the touch screen. To activate it, go to profiles then select valet mode.

Your Tesla will ask you to create a PIN if this is the first time using this mode. Please note that this is not your PIN to drive if you use that, but a different one altogether.

You can set a completely new one or use the same one. Using a different one puts that added layer of security. You can get into the settings to adjust things like the speed limit which is set at 80mph by default. You can even dial it down to 50 if you want.

Acceleration, autopilot with convenience, driver profile, voice command as well navigation are all disabled or toned down. You will also not b able to connect a phone or use HomeLink if you have it. WiFi and Bluetooth will also be disabled as well unless the system picks up familiar networks or devices like your home WiFi.

How Do You Get Tesla Out of Valet Mode?

To deactivate valet mode, press the valet mode button at the top of the screen and you will be asked to enter your PIN. Once the PIN has been entered, valet mode will then be deactivated. The same process can also be done from within the mobile app.

Can You Valet a Tesla Without the Card?

You can technically drive-in valet mode without a key if you are the owner of the vehicle. Valet mode deactivates all other keys including the key FOB or mobile phone if that is set as a key.

You will not be able to override valet mode even with the original key FOB. The only perceivable way out is if you know the pin to get it out of valet mode.

Does Valet Mode Lock the Trunk?

Valet mode will lock both the trunk and frunk. When it comes to the trunk though, this is actually a vain move as the trunk can be accessed by dropping the back seats. If you are in possession of valuables, the best option would be to put any valuables in the glove box or the frunk.


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