How Much Does Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost? (Answered)

You might be someone who has lost or misplaced a Tesla key card. I recommend revoking the access to prevent your vehicle from being stolen or driven by an unknown person. So, having your Tesla key card replaced is very important.

simple as replacing the lost key card may sound, you will want to know a thing or two about the cheapest replacement options. Even though replacing the lost Tesla key card is inexpensive, the entire experience might be nerve-wracking. Let us find out more:

Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost

In short, The average Tesla key card replacement cost is about $35 for two. You will have to visit the nearest Tesla store that sells the key cards. These RFID cards are available at any Tesla store. You need to be able to unlock the car and pair it with the new cards.

If you are unable to unlock the car, hire a professional mechanic to perform the task. The labor charges will make your average cost shoot up. But it is the best option than letting your ride gets stolen.

Tesla recommends using the key cards as a backup option for locking and driving the vehicle. The intention is to avoid misplacing or losing the key cards to unknown circumstances.

I also recommend using the phone to unlock your Tesla car by associating it with the driver’s profile. It will relieve you from the shock and horror feeling after misplacing or losing your Tesla key cards.

Be sure to request a four-digit PIN entry if you have lost or misplaced the Tesla key card to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. The technique will deactivate the lost Tesla key card and safeguard your ride.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Replacing Tesla Key Card

Tesla Model

Tesla Model Key Card Replacement Cost
Model 3$35
Model S$35 + $18 Band
Model X$35 + $18 Band
Model Y$35 + $18 Band

Programming Fee

Each Tesla model comes with unique operational features. These features make the Tesla car require different programming techniques. Many Tesla service centers charge an additional $85 programming fee for models S, Y, and X after replacing the lost cards since they have more complicated features.

Tesla Model 3 is among the first generation with less complicated features. Replacing the lost key card and programming with the car may cost about $35.

Unlocking Car Charges

Tesla key cards help to unlock and drive the car. If you have lost the Tesla key card with your phone, it will be challenging to unlock your ride. Hiring a professional mechanic to unlock your Tesla car will inflate the card replacement cost.

The labor charges, programming fee, and new card are the crucial expenses. If you can unlock your ride without assistance, you will incur the new card and programming fee expenses only.

What Happens If You Lost Both Tesla Key Cards?

If you have lost both the Tesla key cards and phone, borrow another phone from a friend to call a family member who usually accesses the vehicle via the Tesla app.

The other person can unlock the vehicle remotely using the Tesla app. You can then drive your car home and lock it in a safe garage until you get new cards.

Be sure to request the 4-digit code to deactivate the lost Tesla key cards. Otherwise, you may risk getting your ride stolen at home. Tesla’s key card replacement cost is about $35, depending on the car model. New cards for modern Tesla generations are expensive due to the additional programming fees.

Can You Track Lost or Misplaced Tesla Key Card?

You cannot track a lost or misplaced Tesla key card if you are unsure about the exact location. But the near field communication (NFC) can help you detect the lost Tesla card at home or office.

The Tesla key cards have GPS and Bluetooth features that make it easier to track them within a close range. If the lost Tesla card is not within the proximity, tracking will be a challenging and cumbersome experience.

I recommend programming your Tesla model to forget the card and seek an immediate replacement. Be sure to pair your new cards with the vehicle to prevent inconvenience when in need of a ride.

Can You Duplicate Tesla Key Card?

You cannot clone authentic Tesla key cards since any misinformation will block your car and prevent access. But some people use the gauss key card to modify the working subset in the Tesla key card protocol.

Implementing the java card support that loads the Tesla application, the gauss key card will become compatible with your ride.

The clone card will unlock, start, and lock the car like the official Tesla key card. But cloning the official Tesla key card comes with some caveats. We recommend understanding these caveats before taking the step. If you opt for this decision, your car will be highly vulnerable to theft.

Can You Start a Tesla without Key Card?

You can drive your Tesla car without a key card. You will use a Tesla app on your phone to unlock and drive the vehicle. But this is possible if the Smartphone is fully charged and operating at a higher quality level.

If your phone has no charge, borrow another phone from a friend and contact your close family member who also accesses the Tesla car via the app.

The application can also help unlock the vehicle from a remote area. I recommend requesting a 4-digit PIN to deactivate the lost Tesla key card and reduce the risk of your car being stolen. Be sure to visit the nearest Tesla store that sells cards for an immediate replacement.


If you have read up to this point, it is now safe to assume that you have lost or misplaced your Tesla key card and planning to replace it.

The average Tesla key card replacement cost ranges from $35 to $400, depending on the car model. The Tesla key card creates a convenient method to access your ride.

But the company recommends using Tesla key card as a backup option. Installing a Tesla app in your gadgets happens to be the best alternative to the cards. Always keep your Tesla cards in a different wallet or bag at home. It will help reduce the risk of misplacing or getting them lost at once.

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