Tesla Safety Score Not Showing (Causes & Solution)

You might be a new Tesla owner who is curious about the safety score ratings and how it works. A Tesla safety score is an application that vets the driver’s potential by keeping track of their driving behavior. So, why is my Tesla safety score not showing?

In short, the Tesla safety score not showing is usually caused by a bug in the application, lack of internet connection, FSD software update, and not making any trip after buying your electric car.

A Tesla safety score is calculated using several metrics to foster safe driving across the country. Some insurance companies are using safety score ratings to determine the monthly Tesla insurance premiums.

But the safety score ratings do not influence the monthly Tesla insurance premiums at the moment in many states due to the frequent updates. These upgrades usually alter the safety score display in one way or another. Let us find that out together.

Reasons for Tesla Safety Score Not Showing

Road carnages have been prevalent due to inappropriate driving behavior. Tesla decided to release a safety score application to facilitate safe driving.

The application uses several factors to assess an individual driving behavior. But this safety score application is still under autopilot. Many new Tesla owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the application.

Some drivers have noted that the Tesla safety score is not showing for any reason. Below are some reasons for Tesla’s safety score not showing and their respective solutions. Let us now dive into the discussion of each reason and its respective solution together.

Full-Self Driving Software Update

The Tesla safety score application experiences frequent updates to improve the driving behavior ratings for different people. Any update is an indicator of passing the driving test on the road.

If you ignore the Tesla warnings, the safety score will not show. You will instead get an autopilot repeated disablement for the rest of the ride. The Full-Self Driving Beta will help in revoking your previous data in the autopilot version.

Lack of Cellular or Wi-Fi Network

Most Tesla applications rely on the internet connection to foster their functions. The safety score app isn’t exempt since it will not show results after a complete trip without an internet connection.

I recommend connecting your Tesla to a mobile hotspot or home Wi-Fi network to resolve the problem. Besides that, access the Tesla safety score app with your primary account details.

Not Making Any Trip

The Tesla safety score not showing is due to not making any trip. The purpose of this application is to test an individual driving style and provide the necessary results in the long run.

I recommend making at least one trip to allow the Tesla safety score application to gather the necessary data. Be sure to wait for about an hour for the score to update and display the result.

A Bug in the Application

The Tesla safety score application is vulnerable to frequent updates that help improve its performance and accuracy.

Some updates may result in a bug that will inhibit the safety score from displaying the necessary data. The best option is to log out and uninstall the application from your Tesla.

Reinstall the app and test if it is showing the ratings. Consulting a Tesla dealer or customer support is another best alternative to resolve the problem.

Malware Attack

All applications are highly susceptible to malware attacks after connecting to the internet for a longer period. These computer viruses could be another reason for Teslas safety score not showing.

I recommend formatting the entire system and installing anti-virus to protect it from potential malware threats. Remember to reinstall the application and test if it is showing the score data.


Modern Tesla vehicles have advanced features that facilitate safe driving. The safety score beta application helps assess an individual driving behavior based on several metrics.

These safety factors determine the chances of driving behavior that could result in a future collision. The safety score ratings are usually shown on the Tesla app screen after taking at least one trip.

If your Tesla safety score isn’t showing, it is an indicator of either a minor or major issue that needs an immediate solution. But there is no need to freak out since safety score data do not influence insurance premiums.

I hope the above possible causes and solutions about Tesla’s safety score not showing were helpful. Feel free to share your experiences or suggestions in the comment section.

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