Tesla PPF Cost [Protection Paint Film Guide]

tesla ppf cost

Tesla vehicles are some of the best when it comes to aestheticism. So, what if you put a Paint Protection Film (PPF) on it? It should be the best option to protect the vehicle’s paint. But what exactly does the Tesla PPF cost if you were to get it installed?

In short, on average, it can be in the $4-8k range for a full-body PPF installation. Just getting the front end done can reduce the price of the procedure by half. If you go DIY though, then you can even do it for just $200-300.

The following tells you more about PPF on a Tesla:

What is PPF for Tesla?

PPF or Paint Protection Film is a way to protect the exterior paint of your Tesla vehicle. This is a completely transparent film that acts as a barrier between your paint job and everything else. A PPF is usually done by detailing shops but one can also go the DIY route with it.

What does the Tesla PPF Cost?

There are many factors here in determining the cost of a Tesla PPF job including the level of professionalism and the region you’re in. According to Tesla TuneUp, this is in the $4 to 8k range if you get a full PPF. This means that the film is applied to all of Tesla’s exterior.

But what if you don’t want to do the entire exterior to save money? Don’t worry, because you can opt for just a front-end installation procedure. This will set you back up to $2000 which makes quite the difference if the budget is tight.

If you decide to do the job yourself though, you can expect the cost to drop down even further. You’ll only need a couple of basic tools and the film; all of which can add up to $200-300. There are many tutorials available to guide you on this as well.

Is PPF worth it on Tesla?

Yes, it is. Despite it being expensive, you should consider PPF as a must have these days – like an investment for your Tesla. It comes with several advantages and they are the following:

Protection of your paint

This is the obvious one but it is true on a number of levels. Firstly, a PPF will ensure that there are no dents or chippings on your vehicle by taking all the damage. PPF tends to heal the damage on the layers by itself and doesn’t let anything get to your paint via its urethane coating.

Secondly, it will prevent your original paint from fading out over time by blocking out the Sun’s harmful UV rays. There’s a fair chance that you park your Tesla where some of its panels receive more sunlight than others. Hence, PPF does well in preventing uneven fading as well.

Thirdly, it will also prevent any sort of chemical reactions from happening on your exterior. There are all sorts of substances that are bad for paint which includes acid rain as a result of sulfur or nitrogen pollution. This can ruin your paint pretty badly as it is corrosive so PPF comes in handy here.

Saves you money

There are several ways this fact can apply to your Tesla. For one, you don’t need to wash it ever again as long as the PPF is still on the exterior. This also saves you a lot of water. Also, you won’t need to wax or polish the vehicle’s outside as well.

It is not uncommon for your Tesla to accumulate a bunch of scratches and dents on its paint, especially in a rougher neighborhood. Not having paint protection is bad because you’ll be spending money on paint jobs and repairs from time to time.

Lasts long

Yes, PPF is pricey but not in the long run. If we consider the maximum interval, one film can last up to 10 years under the right conditions. On average, these films are able to last in the 5-to-7-year range. After this, you can just replace it with another one without ruining the paint.

Gets you a better resale value

A PPF is very likely to keep your Tesla’s paint in gleaming condition for its duration. This is why it will be considered a more attractive buy, than a similar model that is scratched up.

FAQs – Tesla PPF Cost

The following are some frequently asked questions in regard to a Tesla’s PPF costs:

Is PPF necessary for Tesla Model 3?

No, it is not necessary but it is highly recommended because it’ll keep the paint fresh, save a lot of money, and get a better resale value.

How long does PPF last?

This depends on the conditions that the vehicle is driven and kept in. The average lifespan is usually 5-7 years. A good film can even last up to 10 years if the environment is nice.

Does PPF increase the resale value of a Tesla?

Yes, a PPF will keep the exterior of the vehicle in pristine condition, which is why the seller can demand high.


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