How Much to Tint Tesla Model 3? (Solved & Answered)

how much does it cost to tint a tesla

The Model 3 is a fun-sized entry into the wacky world of Tesla cars. This is a vehicle that shows that you don’t need to spend big bucks on a Model S for high performance and efficiency. At the same time, it is also a looker. You can make it look even better with a tint. So, how much to tint Tesla Model 3?

Well, the cost of the procedure depends on the type of tint, who’s tinting, and the region you’re in. On average, however, it should cost at least $400 if you go to a good shop. This value can be up to 3 times more though. You can go a lot cheaper if you DIY as you’ll just be paying for parts.

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Can you tint Tesla Model 3 windows?

Yes, you can tint your Tesla Model 3 and you should. There are many reasons why tinting your Model 3 is a great idea. There’s obviously an increased sense of privacy and security when you tint your vehicle. It is important to know that a good tint can achieve much more than that.

A major reason for tinting your Model 3 can be to keep it cool. A high-quality tint will prevent your interior from being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Not only will this help maintain the temperature, it will also protect you from diseases and keep your interior from getting dull.

Tinting your Model 3’s windows is also a good idea if you consider safety. Because the tint is glued to the window, it will capture all of the glass pieces if the window breaks for some reason. As a result, the glass pieces won’t fall into the interior and scatter.

Cost to tint Tesla Model 3?

Now, we get to the real question, and it can be answered in numerous ways. As mentioned above, according to TESBROS, the minimum amount to get a good quality ceramic tint is $400. This can go up to $1200 depending on the shop you go to. 3M and LLumar are the top brands in this case.

A crystalline tint is also pricey and if you get a 3M one, then expect to pay no less than $1000. Now, it may be a bit thinner than the aforementioned crystalline tint, but it is a premium option in the market. If it is a good shop, they might charge you a lot more for this one.

It should be noted that the Model 3 is pricier when it comes to tint labor costs. This is because of its rear glass which is bigger than all its siblings and also more complicated to install. Either way, you should only get the job done from a reputable shop. This is to protect the car’s electronics plus its defroster.

What tint is best for Tesla Model 3?

The ceramic tint may be the best option for the Model 3. It should be noted that you’ll have a lot of options when you go to get a tint. There’s dyed, metalized, hybridized, carbon and crystalline tinting available. However, apart from crystalline, none of them would suit your Tesla Model 3.

It is likely that some tinters may want you to get metalized tint. But you should know that it may not suit a Tesla car because of the influx of electronics embedded on it. Crystalline tint is a great option if you cannot find ceramic tint; even if there’s a price difference.

Either way, both of them have excellent UV light absorbing capabilities, won’t affect any of the hardware, and are great to look at. As far as brands are concerned, 3M is the best one in the industry right now due to its quality.

Does Tesla do tint?

As explained here, Tesla doesn’t do tint and so Tesla cars don’t come tinted. This is because of the various tint-related laws that differ by state. As a result, Tesla’s dealers don’t do tints. As far as their lineup is concerned, only their crossover vehicles come with a tinted back window. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can equip your Tesla with privacy glass.

Does tinting a Tesla void warranty?

Yes and that’s very unfortunate. This is because the tinting process requires the removal of the window regulator which is covered by the components warranty. If you have a Model 3, you should still check with your Tesla dealer for this.


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