Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance (Solved & Answered)

model 3 performance vs long range comparison

Tesla Model 3 sedans hold the top spot in the rankings of electric cars due to their affordability, excellent performance, range, and robust safety ratings. But the model offers three trim levels to its fans resulting in decision-making challenges.

In short, the main difference between Tesla model 3 long-range and performance is the fact that the former has an impressive range of 358 miles but 0-60 time is 4.1 seconds whereas the performance offers a 315-mile range when fully charged and a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds.

Each Tesla Model 3 variant comes with advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, range, and athleticism. Having a deeper understanding of these Tesla model 3 trims will help you make an informed decision in the long run. Let us dive into this article for more insights.

Differences between Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Performance

Tesla Model 3 keeps getting better every year due to extra features added. The model has become a benchmark for others in the past decade.

The long range and performance variants have some close similarities resulting in decision-making challenges among potential buyers.

Below are the vital factors that help tell the differences between Tesla model 3 long range and performance. Take the time to read through each element and make an informed decision before buying the variant of your choice.


I do not recommend using the price to compare Tesla Model 3 long range and performance. But the element is vital for those cautious about budgeting.

The cost factor help pick the variant that perfectly fits your pocket. The Tesla Model 3 long-range trim is more affordable than its performance counterpart.

The average price for the long-range variant is about $55,940, while the performance trim is around $63,440. Both trims offer the best driving and performance experience.

But if you have a tight budget, the Tesla Model 3 long-range trim is the best option. Those who do not worry about the price should consider the Tesla Model 3 performance variant.


Both Tesla Model 3 long-range and performance have double motors that help alleviate range anxiety among the drivers.

But these Tesla Model 3 trims still experience different mileage ranges on a single charge. Tesla Model 3 long-range variants have an impressive range of 358 miles on a single charge.

On the other hand, the performance variant offers a 315-mile range on a single charge. But the Tesla fast-charging station networks will help you recharge the vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 long-range trim is the winner in this category due to the impressive mile range and the best option for a long-distance drive than the Tesla Model 3 performance trim. The choice helps reduce range anxiety among the owners.


All Tesla Model 3 variants accelerate smoothly and silently with excellent stopping power than other electric vehicles.

But there is a slight difference in acceleration between long-range and performance trims. Tesla Model 3 long-range trims accelerate from zero to 60mph in 5.1 seconds, and the performance variant sprint from zero to 60mph in 3.5 seconds.

The Tesla Model 3 performance variant is faster than its long-range trim. I recommend the performance trim for those looking for a sports car due to its acceleration. It is also easier to control and does not generate noise while hitting the road. But Tesla Model 3 long-range trim can also be the best alternative to sports cars.


Model 3 is the first generation of Tesla electric cars. But the model still offers three trim levels with different features due to the generational gap.

Tesla Model 3 long-range is the second trim after the standard plus counterpart. It has more advanced features than the standard plus variant.

The Tesla Model 3 performance is the third trim with more advanced features and settings than the long-range variant. It is a modern Tesla Model 3 version with a large fan base.

Track Mode

A Tesla track mode improves the cornering ability using the motor, regenerative and traditional braking system.

The track mode also helps enable the cooling system to run at an increased level after an aggressive driving session.

Tesla Model 3 performance is the only variant with a track mode. It helps modify the stability control, regenerative braking, traction control, and cooling system.

These modifications help improve performance and handling when driving in a close circuit. Tesla Model 3 long-range lack the track mode feature leading to low performance and endurance experiences. It forces the driver to exercise precaution when driving on a close circuit and around sharp corners.


Size Both Tesla Model 3 long-range and performance are all-wheel-drive systems. The double motors provide excellent torque and performance in different road conditions.

But Tesla Model 3 long-range variant has a bigger battery than t performance trim. It is the best option for those looking for better mileage coverage on a single charge.


Each of these Tesla Model 3 variants has its merits and shortcomings. But my money would go for Tesla Model 3 performance trim due to the track mode system.

The feature helps ensure safe driving by automatically adjusting the torque on the four wheels. The trim 315 miles range is decent for those living in areas with charging infrastructures and temperate weather.

But if you are looking for more traction and mile range, I recommend Tesla Model 3 long-range variant. I hope the information will help you understand the main differences between these Model 3 varients. Feel free to share your experiences or suggestions about the differences between Tesla Model 3 long-range and performance in the comment section.



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