Tesla Autopilot vs FSD (Solved & Answered)

Tesla Autopilot vs FSD

Teslas have become prominent for many reasons. Apart from their electric powertrains and high performance stats, these vehicles are also loaded with the latest features.

They’re trendsetters, and one of the fads that they’ve set up is autopiloting. Teslas come with self-driving features and you can get one with either Autopilot, or Full-Self Driving (FSD). However, there’s also a Tesla Autopilot vs FSD debate.

So, the question is, which is better? And, where does Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) come into play?

Is Tesla Autopilot the same as FSD?

Are Autopilot and Full Self-Driving the same? No, they are not and if they were, they wouldn’t have been named differently. Tesla Autopilot is a system that makes driving easier and safer by adding a couple of driver’s assistance features to the mix.

FSD is an extension of EAP, and it does make your Tesla more capable of driving on its own. While Autopilot is standard on all the Tesla cars that are sold today, FSD is more of an optional package that will add more safety features to the vehicle.

Tesla Autopilot vs Full Self Driving: What’s the difference between Autopilot and FSD?

It should be known that Tesla Autopilot offers adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, and automated emergency braking. While these are great systems, there are many other manufacturers that offer them as standard as well.

Tesla FSD adds rarer features such as automatic lane changes, Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon (available with EAP). It also comes with Tesla’s Traffic and Stop Sign Control system which helps you stop or slow down whenever the car spots any road signs or traffic lights.

The FSD will soon add an Autosteer system to the Teslas.

What’s the difference between FSD and EAP?

The EAP system is another package that is offered by Tesla. But it is a couple of steps above the standard Autopilot system. This one offers all the aforementioned features but it lacks the Traffic and Stop Sign Control system and the upcoming Autosteer system.

It should be noted that while EAP adds a suite of safety features, it costs nearly half of what you’ll pay for FSD according to cars.com. At the same time, the two add-on features by the FSD are much more unique and cooler.

Can I upgrade from EAP to Full Self-Driving?

Yes, Tesla will update your software as soon as you purchase it. Just like how you can upgrade from Autopilot to EAP; you can also make the jump from the latter to FSD. You can either pay $6000 for it or pay $99 on a monthly basis.

How do you upgrade your EAP Tesla?

This is certainly not an arduous process. First, you should check if your vehicle is eligible for it by going into Controls, then Software, and then Additional Vehicle Information. As long as you have the hardware for it, you can get it. You should be aware that not all Teslas have Autopilot.

If you don’t have the required hardware, you can get it fitted. Once you’ve checked your vehicle’s status, all you need to do is sign into your Tesla account, then select Upgrades; then the Subscribe option. There, you select the Full Self-Driving Capability option and hit Subscribe.

Verdict – Tesla Autopilot vs FSD

So, who wins this discussion? Well, the FSD is better than Tesla’s basic Autopilot system as it provides more value. However, the EAP is considered to be a better choice than FSD. This is because it offers almost all the features of the FSD, but for half the subscription cost.

FAQs – Tesla Autopilot vs FSD

The following are some frequently asked questions related to the topic:

Is Autopilot free on Tesla?

Yes, Autopilot is a standard offering on all the Tesla models today. If you buy a Tesla made before 2014, then you’ll have to upgrade to it though.

Can Autopilot change lanes without FSD?

No, it cannot. This is because Tesla’s Auto Change Lane system is needed, which isn’t available on the basic Autopilot system. This is only offered on the EAP and the FSD.

Does Tesla Autopilot stop at red lights?

No, Tesla’s Autopilot system does not slow down the car or stop at red lights. For this, you need Traffic and Stop Sign Control, which is only available on the FSD package.

Does Autopilot include Autopark?

No, the basic Autopilot setup doesn’t come with it. You can get Tesla’s Autopark system on the EAP though, so upgrading to an FSD system isn’t necessary.


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