Model Y Performance vs Long Range

model y long range vs performance

The Tesla Model Y is the most unique offering in the compact CUV class. It offers the highest performance stats, range, and luxury out of all its competitors. There are two trims offered in this model: Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance. Both of them have their own quirks and features. But how would a Tesla Model Y Performance vs Long Range debate fare up?

Well, the major difference between the two is the range. The Long Range offers 27 miles more on a fully charged battery. At the same time, the Performance is more oriented toward tearing up the race track. It is quicker and faster than the Long Range, which is also impressive in this department.

But which one is better? Find out by reading below:

What is the difference between Tesla Long Range and Performance Model Y?

The Long Range is the standard model and hence the entry-level trim on the Tesla Model Y. Due to this, the Performance can be considered the top variant. Hence the two are pretty much similar in terms of their overall features. However, it all rounds up to one’s preferences.

There are several major differences between these two trim levels. They are given below:

Model Y Performance vs Long Range: Range

We begin with one of the factors that make a Tesla what is it – the economy. The Model Y Long Range comes with a rating of 330 miles when it is completely charged. This is one of the best figures in its class. If you get the Performance, you’ll have to lose some miles though.

The Model Y Performance is good for a maximum of 303 miles of range on a full battery. This is due to a greater focus on its speed and acceleration figures. Despite the drop in mileage, this is still one of the best CUV offerings in terms of fuel economy.

Model Y Performance vs Long Range: Power

Both these models are powerful and come with great torque figures. Also, the power is transmitted to an all-wheel drive system using the same transmission. The Tesla Long Range offers 351 hp and 389 lb-ft, while the Performance gets you up to 480 hp and 471 lb-ft. If you are interested in buying one of these models, you should confirm the latest power figures as they’re always being updated.

Model Y Performance vs Long Range: Speed

The Tesla Model Y Performance takes the cake here with quicker acceleration time. From a standstill, it can give you a 0 to 62 mph time of just 3.5 seconds according to Tesla. The top speed offered is 155 mph and both these figures are class-topping numbers. There’s also a track mode on this car.

Despite the lesser horsepower, the Long Range is no slouch when it comes to high speeds. This trim also promises a stellar acceleration time of at least 4.2 seconds. The top speed is also pretty reasonable for this trim level at 135 mph.

Model Y Performance vs Long Range: Suspension

A major difference between the two is the suspension system. The Long Range leans more towards comfort, but it is still great in the corners. At the same time, the Performance is lower and the suspension is sportier. It is a better option if handling is a priority for you and the comfort is alright.

Model Y Performance vs Long Range: Price Tag

Finally, as the Tesla Model Y is lower on the trim hierarchy, its price tag is more affordable. It costs $67,440 which is certainly a lot of money. You’ll be spending even more though, if you’re interested in the Performance version. It will set you back by $71,440, which is $4000 more.

Conclusion on Tesla Model Y Performance vs Long Range

Is the Tesla Model Y Performance worth it over the Long Range then? It is if you really care for the performance aspect of the vehicle. As mentioned above, the Long Range Model Y is a great option for acceleration and top speed. The supercar-beating Performance seems like overkill for most buyers.

The Long Range gets more points in the fuel efficiency department with its longer range of miles. However, the Performance isn’t too far behind in spite of the tire-killing specs that it offers – it too is very efficient according to the EPA.

At the end of the day, the major differentiating factor here is the price tag and the buyer’s preferences.




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