Do Teslas Come With a Charger? (Solved & Answered)

do teslas come with a charger

The Tesla auto technology is constantly evolving through over-the-air updates. Many first-time owners are getting intimidated by the charging systems and other complexities associated with the vehicles.

Do Teslas Come with a Charger?

In short, Yes, Tesla vehicles come with a built-in AC to DC charging unit and a long cord that can work on a standard wall outlet. The charging cable enables the Tesla owner to charge the car at home.

But this cable charger may take a long time to charge most Tesla models. Upgrading this charging system would mean breaking your bank account. Let us dive into this matter and find out more insights.

Tesla cars come with a level 1 charger that can work on a standard wall out at home. But it is too slow compared to the level 3 supercharger on the highway public charging stations.

These built-in AC to DC charging units are only available in the older models. The new Tesla models do not come with bundled level 1 chargers for a reason or two.

I recommend investing your money in a supercharger rather than buying a level 1 charger. The change is forcing new Tesla owners to incur additional expenses.

But the company advises new owners to install a Tesla wall connector before shipping the vehicle to their address. The option will help save money from buying a mobile connector.

Can You Plug a Tesla Into a Regular Wall Outlet?

Older Tesla models come with a bundled level 1 charger compatible with standard wall outlets at home. But this charging option is too slow compared to the supercharger on the public charging stations.

Most standard wall outlets at home have 110V charging which can take about three days to charge your Tesla for 305miles.

I recommend installing a Tesla wall connector instead of buying the level 1 charger. The Tesla wall connectors provide high voltage to reduce the charging time. But installing the Tesla wall connectors can be super expensive.

The company recommends using public charging stations to save money. If your Tesla model came with a level 1 charger, you should plug it into a regular wall outlet at home without facing any challenges. But ensure the wall outlet has 240V rather than 110V to speed up the charging process.

Are Chargers Free for Tesla?

Most Tesla models bought before 2017 came with a bundled level 1 charger compatible with regular wall outlets at home.

These chargers are free and tend to help the owners recharge their vehicles at home overnight. Besides that, supercharging Tesla models bought before 2017 is free.

The free supercharging is only specific to Tesla models X and S. The other Tesla models supercharging will cost $0.25 per KW.

The cost of charging your Tesla model will also vary depending on the region and electricity rates. Tesla owners in some regions have to dig deeper into their pockets to recharge their rides due to high electricity rates.

Does a New Tesla Model 3 Come with a Charger?

The new Tesla Model 3 comes with an attached adaptor to the mobile connector. It allows the Tesla owner to plug the mobile connector into a standard wall out and recharge the vehicle.

The NEMA 14-50 adaptor on the mobile connector allows the Tesla to draw about 7.6KW at a 240V outlet. The 20-foot cable also enables the owner to charge the Tesla car from any regular outlet at home.

But these charging units are too slow compared to the wall connectors. I recommend installing the Tesla wall connectors to speed up the supercharging process at home rather than using the standard outlets.


Tesla no longer includes a charger with their new models since these level 1 chargers are less efficient compared to the superchargers in the public charging stations.

The new Tesla owners will have to incur additional expenses of buying one. But we recommend investing in superchargers rather than a bundled level 1 charger.

Public charging stations are the best alternative though inconvenient for those Tesla owners looking to charge their car overnight. We hope you found this article helpful at long last. Feel free to share your experiences or suggestions in the comment section below.


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