Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Cost (Dealership Quotes)

cost to replace chevy volt battery

My Ev Enthusiasts are shying away from the Chevy Volt vehicles due to the absurd battery replacement costs. The steep price is the reason for the Chevy Volt recall to facilitate the battery modification.

In short, A new plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt battery replacement cost is about $26,853.99 with additional charges of $33.98 for coolant and $1200 for labor. So, the total battery replacement cost with tax is $30,842.15.

But the cost of Chevy Volt battery replacement varies depending on the location and model year. This article provides a detailed insight into Chevy Volt battery replacement prices from various dealers and locations. Let’s dive

How Much Does a Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Cost?

The average cost for Chevy Volt battery replacement is $26,853.99. But it comes with additional costs of $33.98 for coolant and $1200 for labor.

So, the total Chevy Volt battery replacement cost is $30,842.15 with taxes. A Chevrolet Volt battery cannot last more than 70,000 miles since it will no longer provide adequate power to run the vehicle.

The Chevrolet Volt is among a few high-end electric vehicles with expensive batteries for replacement. Car batteries from third parties are quite affordable though they have a shorter lifespan than those from the dealership.

Getting an authentic Chevy Volt battery can be a daunting experience since the company no longer produces them. The third parties batteries are scarce, leading to high price tags.

The genuine Chevy Volt battery replacement cost varies depending on the model year and location. The modern models have inexpensive batteries compared to their older counterparts since they are readily available.

Does a Chevy Volt Engine Charge the Battery?

The Chevrolet Volt engine can recharge the battery to increase the mile range before reaching the next supercharging station.

But this depends on the Chevy Volt model year since the earliest models cannot charge the battery. Modern Chevy Volt engines are portable generators for recharging the battery pack when they run down.

The power helps keep the drivers on the road until they reach their destination or the next supercharging station.

But the current Chevrolet Volt generation has integrated both gas and electric components. These components offer an excellent driving experience since it prevents the driver from getting stuck on the highway due to low charge or fuel.

Can You Drive Chevy Volt without Battery?

Hybrid Chevy Volt cars have integrated gas and electric components. These vehicles run on both gas and electricity to increase gas efficiency.

These hybrid Volts use gas to start the engine, accelerate, and stop. But when driving at a steady speed, your vehicle will use the battery reserves.

So, you can drive the Chevy volt car without the battery since it will operate on the gas alone. But to get excellent gas mileage, we recommend using both fuel and electricity. If the Chevrolet Volt battery runs down, the gas generator chugs will get you to the next supercharging point or destination.

How Long Do Chevy Volts Batteries Last?

Chevrolet Volts are plug-in compact cars that can also use gasoline. These vehicles have a 12-volt battery for powering electronics and a lithium-ion battery for running the electric motor. The average life expectancy of a Chevy volt battery is eight years or 100,000 miles. If the car hits 100,000 miles before attaining eight years, you have to replace the battery, and vice versa is true.

The battery depreciation rate depends on the driving style, road conditions, and extreme temperatures. Some Chevy Volt batteries can last up to ten years or 150,000 miles. These batteries are more prevalent in vehicles with excellent maintenance routines. The Chevy Volt battery replacement cost varies since it depends on what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Can You Jumpstart a Chevy Volt?

You can jumpstart a Chevy volt with another one. But jumpstarting practice is not recommended by the brand since it can cause further battery damage.

Chevrolet Volt cars have unique components different from other vehicles. The engine serves as a mile range extender generator and electricity is responsible for propulsion. Incorrect battery cell connection during jumpstarting can shorten its lifespan. The Chevy volt battery replacement cost is higher than a new car price.

Final Thoughts

The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that operates with gasoline and electricity. The gas helps increase the mileage, while the electricity is responsible for propulsion to the next destination.

The Chevrolet volt battery replacement cost is about $26,853.99 with $33.98 for coolant and $1200 for labor. But the battery replacement cost varies depending on the model year and your state.

Most misconceptions from the internet can be misleading for new Chevy Volt owners. I hope this article helped you understand the volt battery replacement cost.




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