Chevy Bolt Battery Replacement Cost (Dealership Quotes Explained)

cost to replace chevy bolt battery

Many people are switching to electric vehicles due to the high gas prices and the desire for environmental conservation. But it would be best to know the battery pack cost and other vital factors before buying an electric vehicle. Recent stats show that EV sales have hit an all-time high of 6.6 million units sold in 2021 (source).

Chevy bolt is my favorite electric car due to its sleek design, comfort, and affordable battery pack. In this article, I will go through how much it costs to replace a Chevrolet Bolt Battery, read on.

In short, The Chevy Bolt battery pack replacement cost is about $16,250 with $870 for labor though it depends on the location.

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Chevy Bolt?

A new battery in the Chevy bolt is estimated to last about eight years or 100,000 miles. But some batteries can last up to twenty years or 500,000 miles since it depends on the vehicle maintenance routine.

Most factors that reduce the Chevy bolt battery lifespan are covered by the warranty. Feel free to visit a reputable and authorized dealer for mechanical assistance. The fixing and replacement costs will be lower than consulting an independent technician.

How Much Does a Chevy Bolt Replacement Cost?

The average cost for replacing the entire battery pack for the Chevrolet bolt is $16,250 with $870 for labor. The battery replacement cost does not factor in the model year, and servicing location.

The battery pack is a vital component in a Chevy Bolt and is expensive to replace. Minor damage to the battery pack could cause a large repair cost.

I recommend servicing your vehicle from authorized dealers to avoid mechanical damage. The Chevy battery pack comprises 288 lithium-ion cells that store electrical energy.

The cell’s connection generates energy that powers the vehicle for many miles. Incorrect connections will create imbalances and foster battery damage.

Most Chevy batteries are warranted against failure to help reduce the cost of replacement and repairs. The Chevy Bolt owner only will incur the labor charges and taxes associated with the service. The battery warranty ranges from eight (100,000 miles) to ten years (150,000 miles) though it depends on the state.

How often should You Replace Chevy Bolt Battery?

A Chevy Bolt battery requires replacement after accomplishing 100,000 miles or serving for 8-10 years. The replacement cost is usually lower since the battery is still under the warranty though it depends on the location.

The frequency of battery replacement will also depend on the driving style, road conditions, and maintenance routine and climatic conditions. If you drive the vehicle more often on bumpy roads, the battery will require frequent replacement.

Extreme temperatures and bumpy roads are among a few factors that shorten the battery lifespan. These factors usually cause battery damages that lower its capacity to power the vehicle.

If your vehicle surpasses the standard warranty cover, you’ll pay for battery replacement and labor costs. The average cost for an entire battery replacement is $16,250 with $870 for labor charges though it depends on your location.

How Long Is the Chevy Bolt Battery Warranty?

The standard Chevy Bolt battery warranty is about eight to ten years. But if the vehicle hits 100,000 or 150,000 miles, the battery is still covered against failure. The car owner will only pay for labor costs and taxes. But the Chevy Bolt battery warranty varies from one state to another.

I recommend consulting the Chevrolet customer support team for further insight about the warranty and your current state location.

Chevrolet Bolt is an excellent vehicle for those individuals looking to reduce environmental pollution and save on fuel money. The car runs on electricity and requires charging if the battery power drops.

Can You Replace a Chevy Bolt Battery by Yourself?

from reputable and authorized dealers. But if you have mechanical repair experience with electric vehicles, you can replace the battery.

Incorrect battery modules connection and minor damages during replacement will shorten the battery lifespan. Besides that, it renders the car battery warranty void when seeking dealership service. We urge Chevy Bolt owners not to open any part of their vehicle.

The perfect option is to get help from experts with vast knowledge and experience. These precautions will make the warranty valid and prevent shortening the battery lifespan.


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