Toyota Highlander Snow Mode (What Does it Really Do)

snow mode highlander

Toyota is a brand that is recognized globally. Their models such as the Camry, Corolla and RAV4 have been top sellers worldwide. Some of their models including the Highlander have become popular in the United States where they are gaining popularity year after year. This article will explain what Toyota Highlander snow mode is and how it works.

What is Toyota Highlander Snow Mode?

Snow mode is a feature that’s only available on certain Toyota models. The feature can be found on the Highlander, Sienna, and Venza vehicles. It’s an additional setting that helps the vehicle handle snowy conditions better. If you have a vehicle with snow mode, you can turn it on by pressing a button on the center console of your highlander

What Does Snow Mode Button Do?

when snow mode is engaged the Highlander will automatically:

Start the transmission on the second Gear:

This prevents wheels from spinning when you start moving in snow or ice. It also makes it harder for you to accidentally shift into reverse and get stuck (something that’s easy to do if you don’t know what you’re doing).

Changes the throttle

The throttle becomes more responsive and won’t let your engine bog down while accelerating in slippery conditions. This allows you to accelerate faster than normal without having to floor it all at once. This helps prevent wheel spin and fishtailing in snowy and slippery conditions. snow mode also makes it easier to control your vehicle in slippery conditions.

Prevents the Highlander from Slipping:

In addition to making it easier for you to control your vehicle, snow mode also prevents the Highlander from slipping. It does this by automatically adjusting the amount of power going to each wheel so that they’re all equally gripping the road surface. This helps prevent wheel spin and fishtailing in slippery conditions.

How to Activate Snow Mode on a Highlander?

To activate the snow mode on a Highlander, press the “snow mode” button. The button is located on the center console between the gearshift and the cup holder.

The car will automatically adjust to driving in snow and ice conditions by increasing traction control, reducing throttle responsiveness, and applying brake force at the wheels to prevent slipping.

When Should You Use Snow Mode?

When the road gets slippery, you may want to use the snow mode setting on your Highlander. Snow mode is designed to help you maintain control of the vehicle in slippery conditions and snowy conditions. As the name suggests this mode is meant for snow, icy and slippery conditions and should not be used on dry roads. If you are driving on a smooth, dry road, the snow mode will not help you and may make your Highlander feel sluggish and hard to control.

Toyota Highlander Snow Mode Benefits

  1. Makes it easier for drivers who are new to driving in winter conditions to get used to how their vehicle reacts when driving in snow.
  2. Helps drivers who live in areas with frequent snowfall maintain good control over their vehicles while they’re driving around town during the winter months.
  3. Helps drivers who have not yet mastered the art of driving in snow maintain control over their vehicles this will help beginners avoid skidding, which can cause them to lose control of their Highlander. Helps reduce the chances of your vehicle becoming stuck on the road during a winter storm.
  4. Snow Mode makes it easier to get out of slippery situations by increasing traction under all four wheels automatically when needed. This increases control over your vehicle when you’re trying to get out of a snow bank or while driving on slippery roads covered in ice or slush.


The Highlander Snow Mode is a great feature to have on hand during the winter. It helps control your vehicle in slippery situations and reduces the chances of skidding out of control. If you live in an area that gets heavy snow or ice, this is a feature Toyota thought through.


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