Tesla Not Connecting to Phone (Solved & Answered)

Tesla Not Connecting to Phone

Is your Tesla not connecting to your phone? Well, in this article, we are going to be looking into the reasons why this is and how to remedy this problem whenever you face it.

This problem happens more frequently than you would imagine. Tesla has ushered in a new age as far computers on vehicles are concerned. Besides the motors and a few other components in the vehicle, most of the functionality is controlled by the onboard computer.

I would imagine that you are somewhat or intimately acquainted with computers. If so, you will be aware that they are prone to a slight problem every once in a while. If you had said this a mere 10 years ago, people would have been forgiven for laughing at you saying that cars would be controlled by mobile applications.

That’s just one of the many seemingly impossible innovative feats that Tesla has managed to achieve over the short history of the company. You can link your phone to your car using the Tesla app.

This makes it possible to lock and unlock your Tesla, start it, summon it (where applicable) and do a host of other things with it. Sometimes, however, you may experience a glitch where the phone fails to connect to your vehicle. We will be looking into the reasons why this is and how to fix the problems at hand, so here we go!

Why Isn’t My Phone Connecting to My Tesla?

What possible reason could there be for your Tesla to fail to connect to your phone? Here are a few reasons why:

Tesla App Not Running in the Background:

Your Tesla app is constantly running in the background (or should be) but sometimes a glitch might cause it to not run properly. When this happens, your phone will definitely not connect to your car.

When your phone is set as your key, your car will unlock as soon as you get within a certain distance from it. This connection is achieved via Bluetooth and can only function If there’s communication between your Tesla and the Tesla app.

This can only happen when the Tesla is running in the background. To fix this issue, go to your Tesla app and manually open it. This should re-establish the connection between the Tesla and mobile app.

If this doesn’t work, restart the phone and the problem should get rectified.

Tesla App Logs You Out:

Sometimes the Tesla app may log you out because of another glitch or you may do so accidentally. To use the app, you need to log in to your Tesla account which is linked to your vehicle.

When you get logged out, it means that you lose the connection between the app and your car. To re-establish this connection, simply login to your Tesla account and you should be good.

Smart Phone Settings Not Set Up Properly: If the app permissions on your smartphone are not set up the right way, you will experience problems with the connectivity with your Tesla.

Make sure to consult your user manual or the Tesla website to see which settings and permissions apply to your particular phone.

Tesla App Needs to Be Updated:

Sometimes the Tesla app is outdated and needs to be updated to the current version. When you do not make sure to run the most recent version, you may face challenges with connectivity.

Simply go to the Google Playstore or Apple App Store to update to the latest version of the Tesla app.

Phone Is In Your Back Pocket:

When you walk towards your Tesla and your phone key is in your back pocket, your car may not unlock because your body will be blocking the signal. In such instances, simply take your phone out of your pocket and the vehicle should unlock.

How Do I Connect My Tesla App to My Phone?

How do you set up the smartphone on your Tesla? Follow these steps: The first thing you need to do is download the Tesla app.

Next, enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. Next, go to your touch screen and select the Bluetooth menu then start searching. Select your mobile phone from the results and your phone will be connected.


So, there you have it? If you are having problems connecting your phone to your Tesla, the possible causes and remedies have been discussed in this post. Try out any or all of them.


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