Can Rivian Use Tesla Chargers? (Detailed Answer)

Rivian R1T

Having the right charger for your electric vehicle is very important since you never know when or where the charge will deplete, using the wrong type of charge may compromise the overall battery condition that is why in this article I am going to take about using Tesla chargers on a Rivian Ev. Read on

The short answer is The Rivian charging network is incompatible with the Tesla supercharger network. But you can still charge your Rivian using a Tesla charger by plugging it into a J1772 plug adaptor.

Besides that, Tesla has limited its charging network to other electric cars across North America for some reasons. But the brand is currently experimenting with its charging features in Europe before opening to other electric car brands.

As simple as charging your Rivian car with a tesla charger may sound, you might want to know a thing or two before undertaking the risk. This article will help you have a fair idea of how to use a tesla charger for Rivian before proceeding.

Can Rivian Use Tesla Chargers?

Both Rivian and Tesla are among the leading North America electric vehicle brands. These vehicles have different charging ports that make it challenging to alternate their chargers.

A Tesla car uses a proprietary connector, and a Rivian counterpart uses a J1772 connector. The good news is that you can charge your Rivian with a tesla charger by plugging it into a J1772 plug adaptor.

The connector will help reverse the charging protocols on your Rivian and make the tesla charger compatible. Be sure to purchase the J1772 plug adaptor from reputable and authorized dealers.

Fake connectors are highly vulnerable to blowing due to amperage and voltage output. Besides that, they can ruin your charging port and cause other damages. Furthermore, Tesla plans to open up charging stations across Europe and North America that are compatible with other electric vehicle brands. These vehicles will only require a special cable adaptor to make things easier.

What Chargers Can Rivian Use?

Rivian brand strives to make the charging process for its customer easier. The technological advancement allows Rivian owners to charge their vehicles at home, on the road, or anywhere with outlets.

Wall Charger

The Rivian wall charger is the most convenient and quickest method for charging your vehicle at home. The charger is proven to have the ability to charge the car up to 25 miles per hour.

But be ready to handle the high electricity bill at the end month.

The Rivian portable charger

is another excellent option for charging your electric car. You only need to plug it into a high-powered 240V or standard 120V outlet.

The charger is capable of charging up to 16 miles per hour. The company is working with other brands to ensure charging is easy and accessible to all-electric vehicles. You can easily locate the nearest charging station by touching the in-vehicle touchscreen while driving.

Can You Charge a Rivian at a Tesla Station?

The Tesla supercharger stations are incompatible with the Rivian charging network since they use different plugs. This incompatibility makes it challenging to charge your Rivian car at the tesla supercharger station.

But if you have a J1772 plug adaptor, you can charge your Rivian vehicle at the Tesla supercharger stations. The plug adaptor usually reverses the charging protocols without damaging your vehicle. I recommend buying these plug adaptors from reputable and authorized dealers.

However, Rivian and tesla do not support this method since you risk damaging your vehicle. The available warranty repair won’t cover the damages in the long run.

The best option is to stick with the original chargers or visit charging stations that can charge both tesla and Rivian. These two brands are working around the clock to integrate universal charging stations compatible with their vehicles.

Can You Charge a Rivian on a Tesla Home Charger?

A tesla home charger has a proprietary system, while Rivian vehicles have combined charging systems. These different charging standards are incompatible, making it difficult to charge your Rivian on a tesla home charger.

If you connect these two chargers, they won’t be able to communicate with each other. But you can use an aftermarket J1772 plug adaptor to reverse the charging protocols.

It will allow your Rivian Ev to utilize the tesla home charger. We do not recommend using these aftermarket plug adaptors since you risk damaging the Rivian charging system. Consider using a charging equipment design specifically for your Rivian vehicle.

How Long Does a Tesla Charger Take to Charge a Rivian?

The time taken to charge a Rivian car depends on the charger type and voltage output from the outlet. If you’re charging your Rivian using a tesla charger plug into the J1772 adaptor, it will take about 40 minutes to add up to 100miles of range.

When you use a DC fast charger on your rRvian vehicle, it will take 20 minutes to add up to 140miles of range. However, the charging duration will vary depending on the model of your Rivian vehicle.

Keep in mind that the tesla charger cannot charge your Rivian without the aftermarket plug adaptor. Besides that, Rivian does not support the use of these adaptors since they can ruin the vehicle charging system in the long run.



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