Tesla Tow Mode: What it Does?(Solved & Answered)

Tesla Tow Mode

Tesla cars are some of the most advanced in the world as they’re loaded with features to help you in common tasks. One of these is when you’re getting towed. Yes, there’s a special Tesla towing mode available, aka the Transport Mode. Well, it exists because the company expects you to tow the vehicle in … Read more

Tesla Regenerative Braking Temporarily Reduced (Meaning)

Tesla Regenerative Braking Temporarily Reduced

Tesla is a high-tech automaker that spearheads road safety and energy efficiency among its automobiles. A regenerative braking system is a feature in Tesla vehicles that convert kinetic energy to electricity to recharge the battery and boost the mile range. In short, Tesla’s regenerative braking is temporarily reduced due to cold temperatures, a fully charged … Read more

Tesla Acceleration Boost (Is it Really Worth It?)

what is tesla accelaration boost

Tesla’s Acceleration Boost feature is an optional extra that you can add to certain Tesla vehicles. It promises to enhance the vehicle’s 0-60mph time by up to 50%. However, there have been some reports of the feature not living up to its promises. So, is it worth it? This article assesses the main dimensions that … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance (Solved & Answered)

model 3 performance vs long range comparison

Tesla Model 3 sedans hold the top spot in the rankings of electric cars due to their affordability, excellent performance, range, and robust safety ratings. But the model offers three trim levels to its fans resulting in decision-making challenges. In short, the main difference between Tesla model 3 long-range and performance is the fact that … Read more

Difference between Tesla Models (3, S, X , Y Explained)

comparing tesla models

Tesla has solely transformed the electric-car landscape for the past decade. The company is also known for having the most reliable electric vehicles than its close competitors due to the high-tech features. Many people think that all Tesla models are the same since they have autopilot and supercharger abilities. But these Tesla models still vary … Read more