Model Y Performance vs Long Range

model y long range vs performance

The Tesla Model Y is the most unique offering in the compact CUV class. It offers the highest performance stats, range, and luxury out of all its competitors. There are two trims offered in this model: Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance. Both of them have their own quirks and features. But how … Read more

What is Tesla Dog Mode? (The Ultimate Guide)

tesla dog mode explained

Those looking to buy a Tesla will often ask what is Tesla Dog Mode? There are many instances in which an owner is traveling with their dog but they have to stop and get something from the store. Since they cannot take the pet inside, they have to leave it in the car. Tesla’s Dog … Read more

Tesla Autopilot vs FSD (Solved & Answered)

Tesla Autopilot vs FSD

Teslas have become prominent for many reasons. Apart from their electric powertrains and high performance stats, these vehicles are also loaded with the latest features. They’re trendsetters, and one of the fads that they’ve set up is autopiloting. Teslas come with self-driving features and you can get one with either Autopilot, or Full-Self Driving (FSD). … Read more