Tesla Model 3 Long Range Vs Performance (Solved & Answered)

model 3 performance vs long range comparison

Tesla Model 3 sedans hold the top spot in the rankings of electric cars due to their affordability, excellent performance, range, and robust safety ratings. But the model offers three trim levels to its fans resulting in decision-making challenges. In short, the main difference between Tesla model 3 long-range and performance is the fact that … Read more

Difference between Tesla Models (3, S, X , Y Explained)

comparing tesla models

Tesla has solely transformed the electric-car landscape for the past decade. The company is also known for having the most reliable electric vehicles than its close competitors due to the high-tech features. Many people think that all Tesla models are the same since they have autopilot and supercharger abilities. But these Tesla models still vary … Read more

Do Teslas Come With a Charger? (Solved & Answered)

do teslas come with a charger

The Tesla auto technology is constantly evolving through over-the-air updates. Many first-time owners are getting intimidated by the charging systems and other complexities associated with the vehicles. Do Teslas Come with a Charger? In short, Yes, Tesla vehicles come with a built-in AC to DC charging unit and a long cord that can work on … Read more

How to Reset Tesla Screen (Reboot Step by Step)

How to Reset Tesla Screen

Computerized gadgets are often plagued by freezing and in operation. The most obvious solution for this case is resetting or what technocrats call rebooting. Tesla vehicles are highly computer-based and might from time to time need refreshing. The idea of rebooting a car might seem odd and all but restarting a Tesla is as simple … Read more

Do Teslas Have Transmissions? (Solved & Explained)

Do Teslas Have Transmissions

You might be looking to buy your first electric vehicle but the misinformation and uncertainty about Tesla can be dragging your decision-making. Tesla cars are among the pioneer in the electric vehicle world with lots of questions from the public. So, do Teslas have transmissions? In short, Tesla vehicles have a single-speed automatic transmission that … Read more

Tesla Scratch Repair Cost (Average Price Explained)

cost to repair a tesla paint and scratch

Your Tesla might be more high-end than other electric cars due to its robust materials and advanced technology. But that does not make it invincible to scratches. So, knowing how much it would cost to repair scratches on your Tesla is crucial. In short, The average Tesla scratch repair cost is about $150 to $ … Read more